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  • Joanne Williams

    You are a true blessing! I used to wait and wait for the radio to play “Venus is Blue Jeans” and how wonderful it was to be where there was a jukebox, my dad would give me money to play it and of course your song was what I would look for! I was 8 years old when it came out and this song is still one of my most favorites.
    Thank you for the music 🙂

    • Gregg Hassett

      I was born in Baton Rouge in 1955 and my mother always told me every time we would see you on tv that you used to babysit me…..thanks for the music

  • Robert jeppson

    I was in the Air Force in the 50,s. My all time song was just a dream. Even now. I remember seeing ( I think) you in New Orleans. Made my day .i still listen to your songs.nothing wrong reminising about the good times. By the way , I’m 79.” Thank you for the memories.

  • Robert M Adams

    Jimmy, I still love to hear you sing. It takes me back to my younger years as a teenager with such fond memories. I sing Venus in Blue Jeans to my wife who was my High School Sweet Hart back in 1963 and she really is everything I hoped she’d be, a teenage Goddess from above and she belongs to me.
    Thanks for all your songs my friend, Bobby Adams

  • Bobby

    Love your songs!! I have all of them on my music list!! Oh what memories ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Thanks 😊

  • Sue Wheatley

    I have always enjoy your music. I still play the golden oldies and watch PBS with the music I have loved. American Band Stand is what I use to watch to learn to dance and sing the songs. I have never like hard rock and all the crap that goes with. So good of you to be still singing your songs.

    Thank you from the bottom of heart for the music you and everyone in your era played. Still Venus in Blue Jeans is my favorite.

  • Jimmy Dee

    Hello Jimmy C.
    Its been awhile but I decided to at least check the website. See you’ve been going to Asia and Are going to Italy soon. You might remember I told you years ago to explore that type of venue. Please check or have booking check the great oldies venues in France and the Nederlands. I played France four times before I had to quit. I simply got too old to go. But we all know that you can Go Jimmy Go!
    Best to ya buddy!

  • Marcos and Victoria Nichols

    Hi Jimmy,
    Enjoy your music. Rosanne introduced me to your music. We ran around for a few years. She went with us to Mexico in fall of 2016.
    She’s a nice lady. I did some home repairs for her. She was with my wife Victoria running around.

    Take care

  • Maria Hebert

    Hi Jimmy, I can’t believe you have a website. I’ve always enjoyed your music as a teenager & I still do. The music of today is pitiful, can’t understand the words, the singers use bad words, you can’t dance to it. I tell my grandchildren if you can’t sing or dance to it, it’s not music only trash.
    I notice your shows are only in Italy. I wished more of the doo-whop music of our era would come here to the US. The memories we seniors have of those wonderful days. Thanks Jimmy & May God bless you always.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I only have one show in Italy on August 8th. I will be performing on Long Island on April 6th, in Pittsburgh on October 26th. I have been performing all over the US from shows in Florida to shows in California. There are Doo Wop Shows all over the US all the time.

  • Carolyn L. Smith

    I have just discovered that you are still here. I am 6 years younger than you. When you were a young teenidol I was a teenager and loved your songs and you were a good looking young man then and you are still good looking at your age now. I grew up listening to Rock N Roll music. Later in life I got hooked on country music and line dancing. There will never be good music like it was when I was a teen and a few years later. It takes me way back when I listen to the music of yesteryear. I think I am crushing all over again on your type music. You sound the same as you did years ago. I am so glad that you have a voice for our Lord Jesus. You are a very respected person. So don’t let anyone kill that spirit that you have.

  • J.S

    Mr. Jimmy, I am wondering if you are still in the Louisiana area, and still preaching? My dad is/was a friend of yours ( it’s been probably over 20yrs since he last seen you, he didn’t get out much), Vietnam Vet ,and is terminally ill now. It would be a great honor if maybe you could visit him and pray together.
    I grew up listening to your music as my dads prize collections of memories , and Roland, and Art Sir Van , the Jokers, Jerry Burns, Dr. John, ect. What beautiful voices you all have , was blessed to hear you all live ( just not from back in the day)
    Thanks 🙏
    My email address is attached privately to this post, if you could contact me please.

  • Richard Petrovic

    Back in the mid 60’s I was a road mgr. for a traveling show produced by a man in Pittsburgh PA. who’s name I forgot! There was you, Dee Dee Sharp,Ronnie Cochrane from Pittsburgh PA. & a musical group named Tim & The Galaxies. I just ran across the schedule from that tour after all those yrs! You were living in Houston TX. then on Rariton St.

    Just had to share. Are you still singing? Peace & love,
    Richard Petrovic, Gilbert AZ

  • Fran

    Just wanted to let you know how much I have always enjoyed you music! Saw you perform in Fla and really loved the show! Thanks for all the good years! Hope to see you again!

  • Robert Woolstrum

    Benn a Jimmy Clanton fan since her first released “Just a Dream”…There are not many “teen idols” I fancied during their time slot of fame, but I liked like Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Ray Charles. I was born to music in the mid-50’d when doo-wop was the sound, and it was the best of them al! Buddy Holly was OK, because he was there in the beginning of good sounds, not so much because of hi talent.
    Got into Motown in the early 60’s, went into into soul also. That’s about it!.

  • Frank Allegro

    Mr Clanton, good afternoon. I am a 70 year old from NY. I have always enjoyed your music. Venus in Blue Jeans is still played a few times a month as well as Just a dream. You are a Great Talent and those songs still sound so Fresh , like it was recorded yesterday. Your Music lives on, un like the garbage that s recorded today. God Bless you . I hope you come to the NY NJ area soon. As I stated earlier , I play your songs many times a month. My Best , Frank Allegro Tappan NY

  • Colleen Flynn

    I looked you up tonight as I was looking back on some memorable times as a teen. You and your band played at the Pier in Galveston which in those days was so very different from today’s concerts. Yours was my first “concert” and I loved your music. My “claim to fame” was getting to dance with your brother Ike. The audience was in a big circle around you and each of you chose several of us to dance with for a few seconds. Needless to say I was in heaven…and yes I did finally wash the hand he grabbed. Good memories. Great songs. Thank you.

  • Ernest Delaune

    Jimmy, I am now almost 79 years old and have very fond memories of hearing you at places like the Moonloght Inn and Carousel. You have had a fantastic career since then and have performed in many large,grand and famous venues. But for me, none of those can compare to the atmosphere that was present in those old Louisiana juke joints. I felt like I was a part of your performance in those close surroundings. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Robert Pierotti

    Jimmy….you are one of the greatest from that era. What a wonderful time (Circa 1959) to be a teenager….my god it was GREAT!!! Now….I’m an old man of 74 just wishing it was 1958 all over again?? Boy….do I wish !!!!!!

    God bless you Jimmy. You made my day many times over the years.

    Robert “Rudi” Pierotti Boise, Idaho (Formerly from Boston.)

  • Naomi Magglora

    Jimmy, I have loved your music since I was 12 years old and am very thankful I found your Facebook page & your songs on You Tube. Very thankful to find Jesus changed your heart and life those many years ago so we will spend eternity together when God calls us home.
    Your songs bring back so many happy memories of when I was younger. You are a blessing to my life. I wish I could have seen you perform in person, but that will have to wait until heaven.
    God bless you and yours.

  • Connie Weisman

    I’m a fan, as was my mom. She had your album…I always remember your red and white outfit and blue background. In the early 70s mom give me the album and I played it alot. I was born Feb of 1958, I’m betting that my mom almost wore out the record…because the song “Just a dream” is my favorite. I am so glad you are still doing shows. Thanks for the wonderful music. Connie

  • Louise

    God Bless you had been at the church I go to. A long time ago besides that my sister always dragged me to see you when ever she can boy my knees were really bruised at times 😊

  • Sharon Robinson

    When I was a teenager I listened to JUST A DREAM over and over. Your pics on my wall. Well I could DREAM too. Ha. I’m delighted to see how your life has turned out.

  • Nancy

    Venus in Blue Jean has ALWAYS been my favorite song, and will get me on the dance floor (or onto my kitchen floor) faster than anything.

    Best wishes to you for good health and happiness.

  • Lettice Randall

    Hi Jimmy,
    I just heard you singing “Go Jimmy Go” on the MC music channel for ‘solid gold oldies. It sure brought back memories. I wanted to see if I could find out what you were up to these days. So good to see that it looks like you are still performing. I was a teenager back in the 60’s and I’ll always remember those days and musicians like you. So many wonderful memories! God bless you and your music for being a part of my youth. Every time I hear those old 60’s song, it brings me back to those days and I feel like a 16 year old girl again. Thanks for being part of the reason for that!!

  • Jimmy Miller

    Jimmy. your music has always been wonderful. I have been a fan since 1958 and will be till the Lord calls me home ! God bless you my friend .

  • Edie

    Darn I just read the up coming shows. I grew up in Schenectady and it would have been a dream come true to see you there. Moved to Florida years ago.

  • Edie

    As a teenager my bedroom walls were covered with your pictures. I enjoyed all of your music and had it all. You were my very favorite teen idol. Now at 72 I still enjoy it. Rock on my friend.

  • Norma Stibbs

    Hi Jimmy, I love your songs and have been a fan since the 50’s. You still look and sound fantastic! I live in Delaware and was wondering if you will be in the area anytime soon, either doing a concert or ministering?
    A belated Happy Birthday!
    God Bless You,

  • Al Wells

    Happy Birthday Jimmy !!! God Bless You, and your ministries !! Huge fan…just saw your last west coast performance in San Bernardino…
    Don’t forget to focus on your book….what a great story you have to tell…
    Love, Al, and Peggy Wells

  • Alfred Archuleta, Jr.

    Jimmy, It was so great to see and hear you this past Saturday August 18, 2018 in San Bernardino. I was there with two friends from Downey CA, Frank and David Williams. Your songs will live forever! I only wish we could have talked more, and that I would have bought more of your music and photos. I heard you say you would be retiring soon. In looking at the crowd near your “meet and greet” table, I think you could do another West Coast Show, and really entertain even more fans. Your music and movies are one of a kind. They take us back to a very different America than what we have today. May all of these memories always be cherished, by people from all generations, and from all over the world. Thank You, Jimmy Clanton. And I hope to see and hear you again, very soon!

  • Mary Anne

    Hi Jimmy,
    You and your music meant so much growing up in the late ’50’s and 1960’s. For some reason
    “If I” touched my soul and it means so much to me.
    We saw you at an Affordable Music Productions’ show in Upland, CA, I believe it was two years ago.
    You were in the High School lobby signing records and just talking before the show began and I was
    able to meet you, get a hug and speak with the sweet person (your wife?) who was handling purchases.
    We were able to see you on 8/18/18 at California Theatre in San Bernardino, CA. You were, as always, the consumate perforrmer. I wish that I had been able to see your more times over the years but the two shows will be treasured in my memories. May God continue to bless you and I will look up your Ministry’s site. Thank you for your Faith – I’ll see you in Heaven.

  • Ann Cousin

    Jimmy, you got me through the ups and downs of being a teenager! I am 70 now and I still love listening to your music and yes, even imagining that every song you sang was meant especially for that lovestruck teenage girl with a ponytail and bluejeans dreaming of you every night! Thanks for the memories!

  • Susan Wall Taylor

    Hi Jimmy,

    If only you knew what your concert in the small town
    of Coshocton Ohio meant to me back in 1958.
    I was 14 and lived a block from the National Guard
    Armory where you played. You signed an autograph
    for me on a crumpled half piece of school notebook paper that I must have had in my pocket and guess what? I still have it! My favorite song of yours is
    Just A Dream. I still him it to myself sometimes.
    Thank you for your songs and all the sweet memories
    of the good old days which have become even sweeter
    through the years.

    Love, peace & bright blessings to you,

  • c

    hi jimmy
    this is a long time loyal fan…since the 1950,s.. now a senior wife mother ,grandmother and still loving my old time rock n roll music. Y you ask becauseof the great music people like you who gave it to us and my youth was so wonderful and music and my friends were thee most important part of my growing up..
    i had pleasure of living in new jersey and proximity to new york and the great rock n roll alan freed brooklyn paramont show.. i still have 3 playbills wished i had saved them all!!.. i saw all you guys like live in person plus a movie… and NOW
    while on a smaller scale i just got tickets 100 rows back but still a lot beeter then my brooklyn paramont seats we werre lucky to get in and while our seats were in the tipy top last balcony section we did not care we were still there.. i even had my cowbell which we kids loved to ring at the showa… my mom n aunt would dance in the aisle and the police just let them be i was too busy just watching you all perform and ring my bell had no time to dance…..
    im sharing this with you because you also was very young. i have your movie with alan freed i have seveeral f his movies.. the only sad part is no one has actuall footages of the shows ii would love to relive thru an actual recoreded show see us all and hear the excitment..
    well anyway i just wanted you to know i hope to see you at the show and my husband and i were lucky enough to get 2 meet n greet pre show tickets.. so i will be theer and hope to get a picture and autograg….. oh this part you should love to hear i have your KARAOKE version of your just a dream and i do sometimes try to sing it when i am out i love the ong i try my best and good b ad or not i enjoy it and to e thats as good as life can get.
    see ya soon a true fan carolyn

  • Christopher Sager

    Take Care Jimmy. I just turned 69 and have been listening to your songs since my early days. I’m a disabled US Combat Veteran due to two years in Vietnam but am still kicking.
    Take care and I’ll keep listening.

  • Alan Vandersloot


    I remember your days as a deejay and program manager? at WHEX 1680 AM in Columbia Pennsylvania in the mid 1970’s.. I also recall Bob Brooks being one of the HEX deejays. I folllowed his career later while at WSBA in York and later at KJR in Seattle .

    I ‘m writing now because I hope to get an answer to a question about the oldies novelty group Dicky Doo and the Dont’s. I remember you played one of their lesser hits Flip Top Box. Cute little ditty.
    For some reason, I remember you said that Dicky Doo was really a Philadelphia architect named Richard A. Doo. I always enjoy great trivia and stashed that tidbit away in my brain.

    However, Ive seen Wikipedia and other reference books say that Gerry Granahan was the lead member of the group.

    Can you clarify your research or personal knowledge on this topic?

    I hope you get to our area someday again while you are on tour.
    Thanks very much.

    Trivia buff and long time radio listener
    Al Vandersloot
    York PA


  • Lynda nelson

    When I was 14 I wrote you a letter. I love the song just a Dream. You sent me a signed autographed picture. I charrished it I’m now 72 and I still love your music. Of all the performers I wrote to you were the only one who responded with an autographed photo. Jus want to say thank you again. I k
    Live in Ventura county now and I would love to attend a concert if you are ever near here.
    Lynda nelson

  • Annettefoster

    I bought the cd Back Where It All Began. It isn’t working. It says check cd. I have tried it in different CD players. But it want work. I would like to get another on to replace the defected one. Thank you.

  • Susan Thompson

    Jimmy, I have loved you since I was 15. I loved your songs, your hair (lol) everything about you. I am so glad I found you again, I had lost you until I got in the computer world and figured out how to use it, and find people. I was so happy to find you and your site. Love your Ministry site, and often go to it for peace and to just to feel good and hear the word of God.
    God Bless you, Susan

  • J.C. Preston

    just wanted to say thank you for your music! just listened to a song, brought back some memories!! your music brought me through my teen years and have never forgotten…..may you be blessed with many more years of music! go Jimmy go!!🎵🎵🎶🎶🎺🎺

  • Richard

    Hi Jim, You’ve always been one my favorite artist. Your music lives on in our hearts. Thank You, for the wonderful memories.

  • Marian M. McNabb

    Thanks so much for the memories, my husband passed 16 months ago, we danced to your songs in the 1950;s and 1960’s. We lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and were teenagers at the time when we met you at what was called Danceland Bandstand. The teen dance places are no longer in Cedar Rapids, a real shame todays kids won’t have the memories we have.
    Thanks again for your music.
    Marian M. McNabb

  • Judy Marcucci

    Was listening to an oldies station on the radio, and “Venus in Blue Jeans” came on. Sang EVERY word to it and relished in the memories it brought back. Always loved your music, Jimmy. I saw you in concert a few times – mostly oldies shows. They just don’t make music like they used to, do they? Anyway, thanks for all the fond memories and good music.


    Hi Jimmy
    Love your music I remember you from the 50’s my favorite Song” Just a Dream” and I still have your movie” Go Johnny Go ” I am trying to get my Family to take me in on the 18th of Aug 😊

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Hope to see you in San Bernardino on August 18th. You can get tickets by phone at 1-888-718-4253 or online at

  • Glenda Billiot

    Jimmy I love all your music your voice sounds the same today as it did back then. I’ve noticed many singers lose their original sound now that their older. It’s sad. I’m just so happy and proud to be one of your friends. Love you forever.

  • Keith Batson

    Just watched ” GO JOHNNY GO “. Am now watching ” TEENAGE MILLIONAIRE”. Go Jimmy Go !
    IF YOU ARE EVER INTHE south ( Texas, Louisiana, Alabama I would like to see you in person. Grew up with rock and roll in the 50s’ and 60s.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Keith, Thank you for coming to my website. My only and last performance of my career in TEXAS will be in San Antonio on September 23rd at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. My last performance in Louisiana was in May 2017 in Baton Rouge. We made a DVD of that 2 hour show which is available in the store here on my website.

  • larry

    hello jimmy i’m an old fan from the 50’s just wanted to say hi and say i have always really liked your music and movies take care and keep on keeping on

  • Trish Sawyer

    Hi Jimmy
    I scrolled to read your fans comments. You deserve ever compliment posted. You truly are a gifted and amazing man. Your voice is so unique and beautiful but its not only your voice. You have given so many people happiness in your choices of songs, yes, but also in the lifestyle you choose to lead. I and I know all your fans respect you so much.

    I love all your songs. They bring me back to a place of innocence and listening to beautiful love songs. Even our children wished they grew up in the late 50’s and early 60’s. How can anyone beat “A Letter To An Angel”!

    May God keep blessing you and your loved ones.

    Enjoy singing and entertaining your fans and when its time to relax, enjoy relaxing. You can say, a life well done, Jimmy Clanton. It was never Just A Dream. You lived it!
    We will always be spinning your records.

  • Gary L Wilkinson

    Hi Jimmy,
    Glad to see you are still going strong! Remember us from Lancaster, PA.
    Gary and Ormonde Wilkinson

  • Alex Pie

    Hello Mr. Clanton,
    My name is Alex and I am one of your youngest and biggest fans. I have loved your music since I was thirteen years old. I was wondering if you would be willing to autograph two of the pictures I would like to purchase from your website. Also, I am really looking forward to seeing you perform at the Pottstown show on May 19th. Are you doing any meet and greets before or after the show? I would love to take a picture with you. May God Bless you and your family. Your friend, Alex

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Alex, I responded to your message right after you wrote it, but we were having technical problems with my being able to comment on this page. I was hoping to meet you in Pottstown. I’m sorry I didn’t see you. Where do you live?

  • Douglas T Stephens

    Thank you for loving your fans as much as we love you.Thank you for taking your time to sign autographs for items on your your friend Todd Stephens

  • Judy Henderson

    When Jimmy was in Baltimore during intermission he was so sweet and let pictures of him and I to be taken they are a treasure to me he has been my idol since I was fifteen my first forty five was just a dream I’m going to Pottstown in may hopefully will get my pictures signed judy

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Looking forward to seeing you in Pottstown on May 19th, Judy! There will be plenty of time for pictures after the show!!!

  • Susan Wall Taylor

    My older sister and I saw and heard Jimmy perform
    in our little town of Coshocton Ohio at the National
    Guard Armory Building. I was lucky enough to get
    his autograph and I still have that crumpled piece of paper to this day in my box of treasures. At the time
    the concert was the most exciting thing I had ever
    done in my life.
    Thanks Jimmy Clanton for that wonderful memory
    way back around 1958! 💕🙏💕

  • Brenda Neace

    I love your songs, but now they make me cry because they remind me of my first love
    I had him to wear his hair like yours hanging in the middle of his eyes I am 71.
    I married in1963 and I’m still married. God Bless You and Your Wife what a wonderful year 1962 I’ll never forget it. December 8 is my Birthday.

    You are a Wonder one of a kind

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Thank you all for coming to my website and taking the time to leave a comment. I have read all of them although I may not have commented on each and everyone of them.

  • Diane Bievenour

    Hi Jimmy! . I’m so happy right now. I saw you in 1959!!!! Saw the picture of you in front of the theater. That was the best show! I’m saving all your records for my grandchildren. God Bless You!

  • Mary P Geiger

    Thank You for the warning about posting kids info,on FB!! And,so happy to realize who was posting it!!! I’m a longtime fan!!!! My Sirius is stuck on “50’s on 5” and Elvis Channels!!!!!!

  • Fran

    Hi Jimmy, Just wanted to let you know what a big fan I am . I have always enjoyed your music but my greatest thrill came when I got to meet you in Ft. Pierce,Florida! My sister said she had to hold me back from coming on stage!! (Ha) Thanks for all the good years!!! Fran

  • Brenda Barrett

    Jimmy, my husband and I saw you on Larry’s Country Reunion American Graffiti several months ago and just bought the set of DVD’s so we can watch the shows over and over. We fell in “love” with you all over again. Bringing your wife out and the things you said about her were very touching. Thank you for being such an awesome performer. I pray your and your wife are still being blessed with a wonderful life. Allen & Brenda Barrett

  • Kathy Mandaro

    Always loved your records, Jimmy! Still listening to all the oldies! Brings back memories-,when you were introduced on American Bandstand. We have so many musical channels now. Still have my 45’s, my son laughs at it. Hope you are doing well. 🎼

    P.S. my favorite song is go Jimmy go!

  • Paul Levinson

    Hey Jimmy – I just discovered (on YouTube ) that you recorded “Teardrops Make No Sound” (lyrics by me, music by Jimmy Krondes, published by Bourne Music ), I guess in the late 1960s? Anyway, I’m truly and deeply honored! “Venus in Blue Jeans” has always been one of my all-time favorite recordings!

  • Joan Asbury

    I love ‘Just a Dream’…I always have and still have my little 45 record….It’s sad that My turntable don’t work…I need to get a new one so I can hear it more often…It brings back some good memories and you were definitely one of my teenage idols as they call it…If you ever perform near me I want to go see you if I’m able..(back problems)…anyway, enjoyed hearing the songs again…Have a Blessed day! 🙂

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Thank you for coming to my website and leaving a comment…while I may not comment on each one!!!…I read each and every one of them!!!…I love and appreciate my fans.

  • Bernhard Schwing

    ‘Venus In Blue jeans’ was one of my mum’s favourite songs.It is also still one of mine!You have sung so many great songs before and since.You are,in my opinion,sheer class!!!

  • Christine Alton

    Every time I play your CD, it makes me feel like I am back as a teenager again. I loved your songs then, and I love them now. Thank you for so many great memories.

  • Madeline Wilson

    Loved your songs growing up, and I still do! You are an inspiration to everyone of your fans! You sure do dress nice!!! Love your suits!!! Thanks for all you do!!

  • Beckie Johnson Crowell

    Have been a fan forever. Saw you at The Rocket Room in D.C. back in the 60’s. Saw you again at The Hilton in Springfield Va. My friend and I came up to your room and knocked on the door (which we wasn’t suppose to do and can’t believe we did) and you were very nice to us. At least you didn’t slam the door on us. Lol Then the next night my Mother and I came to the Hilton again. Of course she had to say Beckie had your pictures all over her walls. Which all 4 walls in my bedroom were covered with you!! Oh too be young again! I still have your autograph. Thank for all the good memories! Love ya!! 💜😻💜

  • Margery Gaines

    I enjoy hearing your music. More importantly, I am fed,blessed and encouraged by the nuggets you post on Facebook.

  • Romona Thibodeaux

    Jimmy, you are an inspiration for everyone. That voice is heavenly, the acting is truly fantastic. Such wonderful accomplishments. You are a true legend for all, who loves your music. Thank you Dear jimmy and may God continue blessing you. ❤🙏🎵

  • Mamie P Chlian

    Saw you a few years back in the Grand Casino Ballroom Show! Then personally met you in the hall and my daughter took a picture of you & I.
    The next morning we visited at the hotel you stayed at, enjoyed chatting with you at the continental breakfast. Hope to see you in Minnesota again in the near future!

  • James Medley

    I remember being in basic training with you in Fort Leonard Wood 61&62. Seemed fun to know a celebrity. Watched a 60s special on PBS and remembered you. I guess you are still performing? If you want to say hello just email me back. It’s been a good 45 years 😊. James (Jim) Medley

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Don’t have very much recollection of Ft. Leonard Wood and don’t intend to. But at least your remembrance proves I was there. I am still performing and am on Facebook. I don’t have access to the emails here.

  • Donna Bruno

    An amazing career in music and still going strong, how many performers can make that claim to fame? Not only does Jimmy Clanton still sing great he looks great too. Was a heart throb to so many girls and women and still is. Cannot wait to see his show this spring in Pottstown along with the rest of the fabulous performers scheduled to appear. It’s going to be a night to remember and will certainly bring back memories of younger years gone by. A chance to be the teenager I once was decades back, at least for a few hours that is.
    Thanks for putting smiles on millions of people’s faces Jimmy.
    Donna Bruno
    Toms River, NJ.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Thank you for your sweet comments and thank you so much for planning on coming to see me and others perform in Pottstown on May 20th.

  • Marilyn Baker

    Hi Jimmy , I’ve been your fan since 1959. Have several of your records, still play them. I found you on Facebook almost 4 years ago. In the last 2 1/2 years I’ve been blessed to be at 8 of your shows . I’ve been blessed being able to hang out with you and Sandy . I plan on going to more of your shows in the future. BTW …, My middle grandson which is 23 , also loves LSU Football and Hillsong just like you .

  • Judy Gauthreaux

    Hi Jimmy,
    I’m a big fan of yours. I live right outside of Baton Rouge in Walker, La. I may be almost 72, but when I listen to your music I’m 16 again.
    Blessings to you, Sandy & your family for a safe, healthy & happy New Year!!!

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I sure hope you were able to be at my last one man show on the Baton Rouge HS stage last `May 2017. I will still perform in a limited number of multi act shows but doubt I’ll be performing in LA again.

  • Harry Johnson

    Hey Jimmy, do you remember playing at the Southern club in Opelousas, LA in the mid 50’s? My brother and I (Harry and Larry Johnson) used to follow you when you’d play in the area. There was also Johnny Hayes, Willie Landry, Mervin and Marlin Clay. Do you remember any of us. It looks like you are doing well. Your music brings back so many memories. God delivered me from depression at 28 and called me to preach shortly after and I pastored a church in Louisiana for 28 yrs. God bless you and take care my friend ~Harry Johnson

    • Jimmy Clanton

      You probably came to see me at the Moonlight Inn, the Lighthouse on False River, the Bantam Club in Gonzales, the Carousel across the river and I can’t remember a lot of the others. That was a lifetime ago. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Peggy Dudley

    Hi Jimmy,
    I am 69 years old and remember watching you on American Bandstand all those years ago. I have always loved your songs Just a Dream and Venus in Blue Jeans.
    Years ago I watched a special-Rock and Roll Graffiti-I loved it but didn’t purchased it at the time. I have watched some of it on You Tube, but am now the proud owner of the whole set of DVD’s, and I love it.
    I am a Christian, too, and so appreciated the comments that I heard you and so many of the other performers made about their faith. What would we ever do without Jesus or our faith in God? I don’t even want to think about it.
    My mom watched American Bandstand as she puttered around our house, too, and she loved it when you were on and sang Just A Dream. My mom lives in Heaven now and I look forward to a joyous reunion with her and Daddy some day, as well as other loved ones.
    I also wanted to mention your movie Go, Johnny Go. I recently watched that and it was really a good movie. I love Sandy Shepherd singing Heavenly Father. So beautiful.
    Thank-you, Jimmy, for your sharing your talent with us. Please give my regards to your lovely wife. A good marriage is a true blessing from God. My husband and I have been married since 1969. We have 3 grown children and 3 awesome granddaughters, but I still feel like a teenager in my heart.
    God bless you! Peggy Dudley-Aurora, Nebraska

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Thank you for being a long time fan of mine. That was Sandy Stewart who was in the movie, “Go. Johnny, Go.” Thank you for your comment!

  • Carol Moninghoff-Aller

    Hello Jimmy. …I saw you at the PNC Art Center…I believe it was two summers ago.. and I was over the moon to finally see you and hear you in person after loving you since my teens!! And I’m more in love with your songs and YOU then ever!!! I met you after the concert and was overwhelmed with your personality and kindness. You are a wonderful human being and the world is so blessed to have you in it! Please continue to share you beautiful voice with the world and hopefully in New Jersey again very soon!!

  • Bill Tackett

    Howdy Jimmy, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your songs when I was growing up. I was a young and growing romantic and your songs brought me lots of consolation when it came to “young love” and discovering girls. I could also sing along with you and hold every note as you did. I have lost my voice so singing is more like Bob Dylan now, but I still try. I was pleased to see that another site said that you had a “religious conversion” (I despise that term)…that you got saved and found JESUS as I also have. Now make sure that JESUS knows you (Matt 7:21-23) as most Christians miss those verses. Some time when you are praying, I would love for you to pray (along with me) for Brian Wilson of the BeachBoys. He was a genius and his songs also resonated with me when I was in my late teens and early 20’s. May GOD richly bless you and your family and know that you, Eddie Cochran, Sam Cooke, and Fats Domino got me through some tough times as a young teenaged romantic. You had a tremendous impact on my love of music and my life. Oh, I also got to see you in person when you came to my hometown (Jacksonville, Florida) back in 1957 or 1958 when I was 13. I can’t recall all who were in the show as I only went to see you and sing along with you (I was way up high in the seats so nobody would hear me).
    Always a fan, and proud to be a brother in CHRIST! Bill Tackett

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Bill, thank you for being a fan of Jimmy’s and of his songs all through these years. The fact that he was a teen idol, was in his opinion, the gateway for God using Jimmy’s notoriety to spread the gospel once Jimmy at age almost 42 got saved. Jimmy has had 4 visitations from God, Himself and would preach to a washing machine if there were no one available because Jimmy Clanton is a walking talking Bible preacher/teacher. Jimmy lives with one foot in the Spirit Realm and constantly speaks Scripture. He has a Jimmy Clanton Ministry page on Facebook as well as having made himself available as an evangelist for different churches. In fact, Jimmy was in full time ministry for 14 years until he received a prophetic word telling him that God was going to take him back into the music business so that he could reach those in the marketplace. Rest assured that God knows who Jimmy Clanton is and I often say, “If Jimmy Clanton puts his foot in the Red Sea, it would part.” God Blesses Jimmy and those around him on a daily basis. Sandy Weeks, Executive Associate for Jimmy Clanton Enterprises

  • julie koch


  • Chris Hobrock

    Jimmy, saw the rock’n’roll legends shows produced in the 1990’s for RFD-TV by Larry Black this fall. Was transported back to my little girl days. Was only in grade school during the late 50’s/early 60’s but looooved the music even at those early ages. Many tears came down my cheeks during those evenings watching all you guys on RFD. I just wish I had saved all those teen magazines with your pictures & stories in them that I once had. I remember watching your movies back then, too. So many memories of great times long past. You have maintained your good looks and smooth style all these years. And what gentleman still today. Thanks for the trip back in time. A true fan, Chris Hobrock

  • Carolyn j horner

    I was too young to remember you music, I only remember Venus in blue jeans , you have a beautiful voice I can’t stop listening to you

  • Bruce Restau

    Hi Jimmy. I’m a big fan for as long as I can remember. Love your songs and hope that you will keep singing for us as long as you want to! God speed my friend!

  • Janie Bryant

    I just thought about you after many years. I Googled you and was surprised to find your website. I live in California now but from new Orleans. So happy to see you are still entertaining. I am about you age, but when I was 16 I over you and was quite a fan.

    • Audrey Speelman

      Jimmy, I saw you last night at the Michael Pryor’s show in Emmittsburg Md. Nov. 4th, I sure enjoyed seeing you and listing to your music, brought back good memories. Any chance that you will be coming back to this area any time soon?

  • Jeff Goodendorf

    Have always loved girls in ‘blue jeans’ and your song helped state that love outright. The night I met the woman I have spent the last 34 years with, she was wearing blue jeans. Also, I was a trumpet player in school and one of the 1st rock and roll records I learned to play was “Venus in Blue Jeans”. I always thought that the B-side “Highway Bound” should have been an A-side release of its own and I played it to death along with “Venus” Saw you awhile back on a PBS special and you were still fantastic. Thanks for the early rock and roll memories. I have always been a huge record collector, at one time I had over 3500 singles. A divorce soon divested me of my collection.

  • Carol Mitchell

    Jimmy, my husband and I just watched you on “Country Family Reunion”. It was wonderful to see some of the acts from my youth. I really enjoyed you singing on this program and was especially touched when you brought your wife out during “Venus in Blue Jeans”. You could see how much you loved her and also that God is important in your life. I realize that the program was filmed several years ago but you are still looking and sounding great. Best wishes.

  • Rick Zahorchak

    Mr. Clanton,
    It was wonderful to actually see you in person during Breakfast at the Ramada in Cumberland, MD. this morning. You were very busy with a group of Lady fans! I did want to meet you and shake your hand, but didn’t want to intrude! I’ve been a fan since I was 10 years old. Loved those songs of yours and still do….Good luck to you and I hope our paths will cross again!
    God bless and “Go Jimmy Go”!
    PS I was the one walking around the hotel with the black Great Dane!

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Rick, you should have introduced yourself and rescued me. I had been admiring your dog as you had walked it out by the RR tracks. We all talked about what a beautiful dog you had.

  • Pearl Klein

    I wasw a big an f your’s, a great entertainer. I would love to see you in concert but I am in Ohio. and never see you close to me.


    Jimmy, I rediscovered you about 3 yrs ago on Facebook. I’m the Super fan since I was 5 yrs old who traveled from Okla to California in 2015 and to Baton Rouge this year to see and hear you, to talk with and hug you (maybe for the last time which breaks my heart). I am so happy to have a shared friendship with you and I love your soul. God bless you and Sandy and thanks for all the wonderful memories!

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Linda, I am so appreciative of you traveling such distances to California to see me with this last time being to Baton Rouge. Thank you so much for your sacrifices and efforts to come and see me. I am humbled by people who do that. Who knows what God has planned for the future.

  • Bernice

    I have been a fan since I was a young teen. At that time I never dreamed we would be friends on something called Facebook. You have had an amazing career, and stayed a good and humble person. So many famous people took the wrong road. Thanks for all of the beautiful music.

  • Diane

    When I was about 12 years old, I placed second in a “16 Magazine” essay contest about you. My prize was an autographed copy of “Jimmy’s Happy, Jimmy’s Blue,” which became my favorite album. I also saw you live at a concert that featured a variety of singers and musicians. I still enjoy listening to you and continue to appreciate your one-of-a-kind voice. It’s nice to know you have so many fans!

  • Amanda Shabatura

    Friends on Facebook. I have absolutely loved your music since I was in high school. So very glad to see that you continue to perform and entertain audiences all over the area. If there is ever a plan to perform in Pittsburgh, PA, please let me know.

  • Ann Couch

    Hi I wanted to thank you for being so kind to me I came to see you and Brenda lee in greenville were at Howard Johnson”s. after the concert and you made them let me and my friend in and got us hot chocolate and you were so kind but Brenda lee was nasty to us I have never forgot you !!!and I do wish I could get to Branson to see you again. I have all your music !!and I know you are still a kind person with a good heart just hope you get this so you know you. LEFT AN IMPRESSION ON ME MY WHOLE LIFE. THANK YOU ANN !!!

  • Eulalia Kennerley

    Undeniably believe that which you said. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the internet the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people think about worries that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  • Linda Hilwig

    I have been a fan since Just A Dream was first released and continue as a huge fan today. Am hoping to see you perform in concert one day soon. Just checked your website for dates but information provided says check back soon — and I will!

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I am semi retired and only performing in select shows. I have DVDs of my shows which can be purchased in the store here on my website.

  • Barbara Reynolds Wright

    I remember my mom playing your record Go Jimmy Go. My mom’s maiden name was Clanton. She always said that you guys were related. She was from Shelbyville, TN. Never knew, if this was true, or something she wanted to be true. Always loved the song!!

  • Michael Zandman

    Jimmy… it’s me Mike Zandman. I’m the kid who sang your songs in my Brooklyn apartment where my stage was my living no room and audience was my mom. I was 9 years old.. So now I’m 63 and I’m a local band in a 55’and over New Jersey Community. Well I found out that our Bass player use to back you up… his name is Jeffrey Sturman and he speaks proudly of playing with your Band… Anyways, thanks for being a founding member of Rock N Roll.

  • Bob Kressler

    I have been a fan from the time your first song hit the NY airwaves, saw you at Allen Freed R&R Shows, you can still sing and great to hear you.

  • Nancy Fry

    didn’t finish my comment I loved to hear you sing “Just a Dream!” If you ever play Las Vegas or anyplace around, please let me know. It would be wonderful to see you again!

  • Mary Johnson

    Wow my first time on your page. You still look handsome.I saw you in Houston,Texas opening for your movie Teenage Millionaire, I also got your autograph. It was so exciting to see you and the movie, I was 15 then but I still have a great memory of seeing you in person. God Bless you.

  • Nadine R. McVey

    You were my first teenage crush. “Just A Dream” was my favorite song. Saw you on American Bandstand. So glad to find you. Wondered what happened to you.

  • Connie (Harrison) Henslee

    I was surprised and glad to run across a repost of yours on my Facebook page.
    My Dad had been called to active standby duty during the Berlin crisis and we had to move to Leesville.
    No way you could remember me and a bunch of other kids that met you at Ft. Polk, La back in 1962. We were at the swimming pool when you came there. It was a thrill for a 12 year old girl I will never forget.
    Glad you are still in music.

  • Edna Hatcher (73 YOA now)

    Jimmy, I was working at a drugstore in Pasadena, TX when you came in and I will never forget how thrilled I was to meet you. That was when I was in HS

  • Chuck Fanny

    Jimmy, I’ve enjoyed your music for as far back as I can remember. Being born in ’57, I can remember songs from when I was 2-3 years old. God has blessed you with a great talent, and blessed us (your fans) with you. Thank you for sharing your life and music with us.

  • Gerry LeBlanc Ewalt

    Saw you at the Dallas airport in 1960. My husband had served his time in the Army, we were heading back home to Lake Charles. If I remember correctly a guy with you was a Montelbano and had relatives in Lake Charles. You were performing in Crowley or Opelousas, and asked us to come see you, and we did! 😊 You invited us to visit you in your dressing room!!! For 4 years I had watched you on American Bandstand, from all over the country and I felt a little closer to home every time I saw you, I was so lonesome being away from home. Just wanted to thank you so much for that, and being so kind to us.
    You have a lifetime fan in me!!

  • Carolyn Duet Tibbits

    I am sure you have no recollection of meeting me and several of your other cousins, so I will introduce myself. I am one of many of your second cousins from Houma, Louisiana. My grandmother, Azalie Eymard Duet, was your Mother’s (Aunt Joyce as I recall) sister. we met when I was just a child at my grandparents home; then again when you gave a concert in Houma.
    I have just returned from a visit to Houma to see my parents, who are now living in an Assisted Living facility. Paul Duet is my Daddy and will turn (God Willing!) 94 yrs. old on August 21 of this year. He is the only living sibling of Andre Jackson Duet and Azalie Eymard. Alzheimer’s has, infortunately, impaired some of his memory—-but it surprises me how much he remembers from his childhood! And he still recognizes his children and grandchildren and Great grandchildren (sometimes). He is a saint of a man and is loved dearly. God truly blessed us when He gave him to us as our father! My mother is 90 yrs. old and has health issues, as we all seem to have as we age. But her memory is still intact for the most part. Now if she would just wear her hearing aid we could have a better conversation!
    My sister, Kathy, heard from a friend of hers about your farewell tour and had she known, all of us Duets would have shown up! Alas, you came and went. But if you have ANY PLANS of visiting the Tampa Bay area, I would so enjoy seeing you and listening to your wonderful voice that God has sooooo blessed you with.
    You are a few years older than I. I am 67 and holding —-until November that is. I know that you are retired now but please keep your website up to date so that all of your relatives from bayou country and your fans from around the world can continue to follow your dream.
    God is GOOD and perhaps we will meet again. If not now then when we all rejoice and go to Our Father!
    My Our Lord continue to bless you and all of your family and hold you in the palm of His Hand!

    Love and Prayers,
    Carolyn Duet Tibbits

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Over the past year I’ve gotten to meet and know many in the Duet side of my family. Carolyn, I’ve spent a lot of time in Houma in the past few years. I performed in my final one man concert in Baton Rouge in May and several of your relatives were in attendance. However, there are no plans to perform in Florida. Thanks for leaving a message.

  • Brenda Broach

    I meet you on Greenville South Carolina in 1959 at Greenville Memorial Autorium I was a big fan then and still am

  • Greg

    Just sittig here watching you on your PBS performance from Benedum Center ….. one of the
    Best dvd i own….. you are by far the “Best of the Best “…… thank you for all your years of great entertaining….
    Btw as you are from Baton Rouge do you remember E.K.Long Hospital
    (no longer there) my daughter was born there…

  • Gary

    Thanks So much jimmy for all the great songs!. I was just 9 when I first heard your “just a Dream” and its still one of my all time favorites. I’m so glad to find your site and see you’re still singing and entertaining! You songs will be around for a long long time to come!

  • Diana Kinzer Heath

    I grew up listening to your music & learned to dance by it… In fact, my very 1st puppy love dance was done while your record played. I so miss those beautiful, sweet days of your music, young love & a more balanced loving world!

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Thank you all for coming to my website and leaving a comment. Please know that even if I have not left a comment under yours, I have read every message ya’ll have written…thank you for so many kind words. I really do appreciate the time you took to write them. Luv ya….Jimmy!!!

  • Nancy Kehring

    Thank you, Jimmy, for providing music that was a large part of the songbook of my youth! I saw you when I was a teenager when you were promoting a record at a store in the Baltimore area. My friend and I were there to see you, and the same friend saw you last year at a show and said you were still great! I live in northern Maryland, so we are practically neighbors! Wishing you many, many more happy, healthy years!!

  • Maureen Lucera-Preta

    Jimmy I so enjoyed seeing you at Hauppauge High School
    Reliving a memory. from my teen years
    I was 13 it was my Birthday and my neice to me to a Rock N Roll show
    And you came down from the stage and gave me a kiss on the check for my birthday
    thank you for making my birthday such a memory

  • Jack Taylor

    If your ever appear around Tampa, FL please send me an email I will be there. One of my favorite singers ever. Thanks for the memories.

  • Gail Stuart

    I’m your biggest fan. I got to meet you in Port Arthur, TX a few years ago. I thought you lived in Houston. I’ve had 3 eye surgeries in the past 6 months all in Houston and each time my husband and I were there, the only thing I liked about that city was the fact that you lived there.

  • Cheryl Standish

    Jimmy, in the early 80’s you came to Butte,MT and played for a small group of us. I loved it and tonight I am playing a tape I bought at that meeting called Born Again. Every once in a while I play it. We had been recently saved and it was a good time of my life . Now it’s still good:)
    😊 thank you

    • Jimmy Clanton

      The song “Born Again” is on gospel my CD of the same name and can be purchased at the store on this website.

  • Duncan

    “Venus in Blue Jeans” – a great song sung by a great singer from the great days of.songs and music.Clearly sung and understandable lyrics.. I can’t understand ‘modern songs and music’ and why it is popular. I don’t know. Bring back the old days.

  • Matilde Zayas

    Mr. Clanton, as a child in the mid-sixties I heard you sing but, did not know who you really were until a day ago that I received and watched the movie Go Johnny Go did I realized who was the voice with the face. Thank you for your music. Dr. Zayas

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Folks, I just got back from the 4 week trip to Louisiana to perform at my alma-mater Baton Rouge High School with benefits going to the BRHS radio stations. It was an extremely rewarding concert and the audience was fantastic!!!…the energy in that auditorium was exciting!!! Fans came from many different states: FL, TN, KY, NY, TX, OK, WA, KS, AL, MS, MN…I’ve probably left some out and 3 very determined came from Ontario, Canada!!! I appreciate the effort everyone made to come to my last concert where I am the main performer. I drove the whole 2975 miles so I’m going to kick back for awhile and go fishing!!! I will read and respond to your comments here. Thank you for coming to my million dollar website designed and maintained by Carolyn & Bill Otworth.

  • Glenn C. Darr

    Always enjoyed his music. He was very popular in “our” day. The folks like him bring back the memories of a simpler time without a lot of complications. We can be grateful for that.

  • Hope Kelly

    Can remember exactly where I was when I first heard Just A Dream. Such wonderful memories. Thank you so much.

  • Alice Basler

    Your Amazing Grace is just beautiful Jimmy I am going to have it played at my funeral (I am planning it now before I die) I am not going to die right now I am going to plan and pay for it because it is much cheaper to do so Everyone will love your rendition of Amazing Grace I love it

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Sandy read me your post on Facebook…I am so glad you like my version of “Amazing Grace!” Thank you for coming to my webpage and leaving a comment!

  • Dr. Bob Mills

    Sorry I missed your concert last week in Baton Rouge. I remember you very well from our old Army days at Fort Polk. I had just come to LSU from Miss. when we were called up. The main thing I remember about you was performing to the company at Fort Polk. My wifes folks had come over for Thanksgivings and came to the base to hear you. At the time I thought things were bad but now I look fondly at those days and the good people we had. I don’t see many now and many passed away. I retired from LSU in 2000 and live most of the year at Denham Springs where we flooded in August but have moved back in.
    Thanks for all the memories and it was a privilege to have known you. Best regards;
    Dr. Robert Mills Sgt. E5

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Bob, I’m sorry we didn’t get to see one another while I was in Baton Rouge for those 10 days. Sorry about the flooding you had to deal with. I get to Louisiana a couple of times a year.

  • Gretchen Berry

    My husband Tom and I were at the concert last night at Baton Rough High. To say it was wonderful is an understatement. We were sitting with Nan and she gave us a tour of the TV and radio stations before the start of the concert. I graduated from BRHS in 1967 and we are having our 50th class reunion next month and I will tell everyone about your great performance.

    Those of us that are Baton Rouge natives are so proud of our home town super stars and you are at the top of the list. God bless you and your family and enjoy your retirement

    Gretchen Oliver Berry.

  • Stephen Zito

    Enjoyed your Baton Rouge concert last night and the privilege to meet you. What an amazing career. And like I said, who else that performed in the 50’s is still performing today? You are obviously a great music, voice and song writing talent. Enjoy your slower pace and may God bless you!

  • Nancy Saul

    I was in love with you when I was a teenager. You were the cutest singer ever. The smile is one never to forget.
    I saw you live outside of philly at a roller rink. Good luck to you and God bless.

  • barbara jackson

    i saw jimmy early in his career and never forgot his voice or his music.Next SS check i ordering his cd. i can.t believe its close to 60 years. USED TO DANCE WITH MY HUSBAND UNTIL HIS PASSING AFTER 54 YEARS AND AND HE WOULD SING; My venus in blue jeans. Will keep looking to see if you ever get near Binghamton new york in concert. What coincidence i found JIMMY’S while he is peeforming tonight at this tme in Louisiana.

  • Michael Morris

    Looking forward to the show tonight. I know it will be wonderful. Hoping to get the opportunity to meet you. I would like after you are back home, to develop a growing friendship. Just two Louisiana boys getting to know each other.
    Michael Morris.

  • pat williams

    Had your picture on my bedroom wall as a young teenager. Saw you perform in Westbury Long Island. You introduced Roxanne as your Venus in Blue Jeans. How is she doing? How many years have you been married?

  • Linda Lee

    JImmy I saw you in Montgomery, Alabama in 1958 at a theater down town. I was 14 and had just returned from 4 years in Germany so you were the first star I had ever seen in person. Needless to say I was thrilled.
    Keep on singin’.
    Linda :))

  • Stan Cantrelle

    What a great and tremendous talent Jimmy is. Off stage his kindness and down-to-earth demeanor is real folks. I am proud to be in the same category of follow musicians. I do cherish his friendship.

  • Robert Alstad

    Went to High School with your wife went she went to Spring Branch High school an went to the same church you got married in. Saw a. Old DooWop an she was sitting in audience I think an you introduced her

  • Bud Francis

    Jimmy I want to thank you and Sandy for a wonderful interview last night. Your new cd is the best that anyone could ever do and you have hit a home run with it. I don’t think any one else could match the voice and the musical production on everyone of the eight tracks on that album. Congratulations my friend.

  • linda cavallucci

    Jimmy And Sandy ,what a fantastic interview last night with Bud Francis ,on Good Time Oldies you left me speechless,i had chills and tears .My opinion ,this is your best cd EVER ,your voice is a true gift from God .Thank you ,love to you and Sandy .

  • Larry Fisher

    Jimmy, only a few words to jog your memory, but it has been so long ago: table tennis in the field house at LSU; dances at the Bantam Club in Gonzales/St.Amant;CYO. My name is Larry Fisher and my cousin Roger Melancon and I never missed your performances. You said once ” Fisher you’ve got to teach me to play ping pong “. I said I would if you would teach me to play guitar. But I think a little song called ” Just A Dream ” came along before it could happen. What an era to be young in!

  • Brenda Brasseaux

    Really enjoyed the interview today. You and Sandy sounded really great. I have already bought the CD, but sounds really good when you talk about the songs. Looking forward to the show in Baton Rouge on May 20th. I know everyone will enjoy it. Love you.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Thank you Brenda. Which song is your favorite? See you May 20th at my final one man show of my career at Baton Rouge High School. For any of you who do not have tickets yet as Brenda does, tickets are available at and put in Jimmy Clanton. See ya’ll there! Right Brenda!

  • Brian J

    Hello Jimmy,

    This is a slightly weird request but please bear with me:
    As a child of the early rock and roll era, I enjoyed your music greatly,
    As a Marine in the early 60’s, I served on Okinawa with a guy from N.O, named Boudreau. Sorry but after 50 years his first name escapes me.
    He claimed that he was related to you or it may have been that his parents took you into their care for a time.
    I don’t know if this is true but if so, I would like to know if “Boudreau” is doing OK.

    Thanks for your memories and ROCK ON!!


    Brian J. Barry

  • Mary Hope Lyles Richard

    Jimmy Clanton, that picture I used to have of you, my mother, Josie, and aunt Mary has fascinated me for years! Oh that I could find it to have you sign it for me. I used to think what a down to earth person he must have been to come to the humble home of a friend’s cousin during the peak of his success! And low and behold, I got a chance to meet you! And in person, you were just as I imagined you might be…totally without pretense or guile. Thanks for being so kind to my husband and me. I did not remember your career per se except from old stories. I learned more from Sandy and the FB posts. I love history and reading and appreciate those who made an impact in the lives of those I love! I had no idea about all your achievements! God Bless! Thanks again! I hope you never stop singing!

  • Elisabeth

    Huge fan here…right from the beginning.So glad to see you are still performing and sounding as great as ever!

  • Margaret R. D'Armond

    Hi Jimmy–Will be at your concert in Baton
    Rouge! Margaret Roberts D’ARMOND.
    Remember I lived on Goodwood Ave. and was a good friend of Dianna who lived a couple doors down from you on Alden Ct.
    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you sing.

    • Margaret R. D'Armond

      Hi Jimmy- will be at your concert in
      Baton Rouge. Margaret Roberts
      D’Armond. Remember I lived on
      Goodwood Ave. and was a close
      friend of Dianna who lived a couple of
      Doors from you on Alden Ct. Looking
      forward to seeing and hearing you sing.

  • ray carstens


  • Shirley Smith

    Hello Jimmy, I’ve been a fan of yours for many years. Love your songs. I can still see you singing those songs in your movies. I especially want to let you know I received my CD copy soundtrack of your movie “Go Johnny Go”. It’s great!

  • Rita Davis

    Hopefully I’ll get to see you in B R. I’ve loved youvsince my YOUNG days. Danced to your music at the end of the world with the sweetie. Also fell asleep many many nights to your records.

  • Sharon Robichaux

    Heard you live in Thibodaux, LA recently and planning to attend your concert in Baton Rouge on May 20th. My husband and I enjoyed the concert so very much. Honestly made me feel 18 all over again. Such a light hearted feeling hearing your music and in person even better. It had been a really long time since I had heard your songs and I was lifted so high I felt I could fly. What a fun time – You look great and I hope that you continue these for as long as you feel up to it. Hint: You make others feel wonderful and really young again – but always young at heart. God Bless You and your family Forever and a very Happy Easter also. From south Louisiana (Thibodaux)

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Hope to see you at the Baton rouge concert…I am planning some very special things for my fans. Tickets are available at, click on but tickets, then put in Jimmy Clanton. This show will be the epitome of my career.

  • Sylvia Salazar Monkres

    Hello, Jimmy! Sylvia Salazar Monkres here your avid fan from Scottsdale, Arizona. I just love your style of singing, songs you sing, and the effortless, genuine and sincere way you share the music with your audience. Song are so dreamy and romantic or make one jump up and start dancing! You indeed continue to be a dynamic idol whose fans are older but “Forever Young”! Love movies “Go Johnny Go” & “Teen Millionaire” Looking forward to Baton Rouge concert. God Bless you. Sylvia S. Monkres

    • Jimmy Clanton

      WOW!!! You’re coming all the way from AZ to my Baton Rouge show? I am so humbled that you would come that distance to see me. My fans just amaze me!

  • Kevin Blackwell

    Hello Mr. Clanton. I just watched Go, Johnny, Go, which you were the star of. What a great classic Rock ‘N’ Roll movie! There is a scene where you are singing with a choir, where a very fair-haired young man is playing the organ. Is that by any chance a teenage Edgar Winter? It looks like it could be. Thanks, Kevin

  • Bob Gibson

    Hi Jimmy. My wife and I saw you a few years ago a Doo-Wop show at Wolf Trap, in Northern Virginia. You were the only performer to visit after the show and you gave my wife Joyce, who was one of your favorite fans in the 60s, a big hug. She still talks about. We also just heard on Pandora a song from your album “Born Again”. The song was “I’ll love you forever”. We love that type of Christian music and have sung in choirs and quarters for years.

    We will be having our 50th wedding anniversary on October 14th, and wouldn’t it be great to see you in person. I know that is nearly impossible. It would be at a private pavilion at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. We have a beach house there. Ever been? Of course our place would be opened up to you and your family. My wife would probably pass out! Wouldn’t that be a surprise!! I saw your booking contact number but wanted to mention it to you personally.

    Take care, stay healthy and hope to heard back.

  • Rick Strohecker

    Hi Jimmy. I doubt you will remember me at Stroheckers Glass Co,in Harrisburg Pa. We talked about your hit song Just a Dream. You were not performing at that time. I see you came roaring back,and still very popular.Good Luck and God Bless you and your friends. Rick Strohecker..

  • Thelma Rankin

    We lived in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area from 1972 thur 1977 I remember when Jimmy was a disc jockey at the Park City Mall . I ‘ve always loved his music.

  • Carolyn Holmes


    You have always been a favorite of mine! May God continue to Bless you & your health.

    An adoring fan from back in the day!

  • George Gero

    What can I say from late fifties to now in a heartbeat and we’re here now
    The name Jimmy Clanton registers just as strong today
    Nice looking, good kid with great voice and non egoist style
    Thanks for the music and memories, Jimmy
    George Gero

  • Kevin Porter

    I was listening to “Music Choice” on cable early this morning and heard Venus in Blue Jeans. Good song. Glad to see your still going strong.

  • Gwen. Powers

    Hi, Jimmy!
    Simply said……I love you and all the memories your songs have given me. Love your voice and your music style. I live in the S.F., Ca. bay area and would be so happy to see you come up our way.

    We both are OLDIES but GOODIES. We are surely blessed to still be around and healthy.
    God continue to bless you so you can bless us.


  • Linda

    Jimmy, I read Sandy Weeks comment about people not taking the trouble to come to concerts.I just attended the Buddy Holly Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake Iowa.There were 2000 people there from all over the US and the world.Wish you would come back.We would welcome you with open arms.

  • Fran

    You have always been my favorite singer. Got to meet you in Ft.Pierce,Fl a dream come true! Hope you get back that way! Thanks, Fran

    • jimmy clanton

      thank you, Fran…!!!!..keep checking here for my concert dates…. semi retired, so not many more shows coming…if at all possible, you should come to my baton rouge show May 20th…. my LAST ONE MAN ”UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL ” SHOW., OF MY CAREER..!!!! OVER 2 HRS ON STAGE…!!!!…Will not be videoed, so come…!!! would not BE SORRY…!!!!..Go to for tickets…you would NEVER FORGET THAT SHOW…!!!!

  • Charlotte Kin

    Just watched Go Johnny Go on TCM and it was a magic carpet ride to past memories when Jimmy Clanton like Eddie Cochran and Richie Valens, and Elvis were all the thing. I can still see his photo in color where I taped it next to my mirror staring out at me each night I went to sleep. I think it was ” Teen ” magazine … that ran that full page photo.

    Anyway thank you Jimmy Clanton for all your wonderful songs, and lyrics.
    It was his as the girls said in the movie last night ” dreamy voice ” that made him one of the top teen idols of my teenage years.
    This is in that Dick Clark Show and Bandstand era ” I remember watching him on those platforms as well. I just wanted to tell you how nice it was to listen ” Once Again ” to his voice, see his smile and remember that in that era the boys were gentlemen.
    He had lots of songs but my favorites were Just A Dream, Venus in Blue Jeans, Go Jimmy Go and a Ship On A Stormy Sea. Even though I can’t find it online the one he sang in the movie * Go Johnny Go *, ” Once Again ” was beautiful, was this Jimmy’s song or did it belong to another artist like Sandy Stewart who was his love interest in this movie. I would love to find the lyrics for this one. Thanks for bringing back great memories of the 50-60’s

  • David Terry

    Hi Jimmy. I just finished watching go Johnny go. I wasn’t sure you were an actual singer but turns out you are. I was born in 1958 so your a little before my time but I love your voice, and music . The more I see go Johnny go the more I like it. I’m glad to hear your still performing and bringing joy to many of your fans. Good luck and God bless.

  • Dick Bell

    Hi Jimmy, My name is Dick Bell and I live in Spanish Fort, Al. My dad was from Coffeeville, Al and used to tell me that my grandmother used to babysit you at the farm. Her name was Trula Bell and my dad’s name was Truman (Wuss). Don’t know if any of this was true or not, but it was nice to think it was. I have always enjoyed your music, and wish you the very best life has to offer!! Enjoy seeing you on PBS specials. Just finished watchin Go Johnny Go. Take care and have a terrific 2017!!

  • Nancy Kvapil

    Just watching Go Johnny Go. Love the music. Jimmy has always been one of my favorite singers. Brings back great memories!

  • Dianne Floyd

    Watching, “Go Johnny Go”, on TCM. Love the music. My era. Use the title of one of your songs frequently. When cars speed past me, I say, “Go Jimmy Go”. Blessings to you. Still a fan,

  • Tera Johnson Boyd

    I was about 13 when you appeared in Tampa, FL…You were the cutest lil’ thing I ever saw! You were “Just A Dream”…to me..& I was going to grow up and marry you! “Go Johnny Go” is now playing on TCM channel…Rock On!

  • Gary Wilkinson

    Hi Jimmy,
    Glad to see you are still Rockin!
    Do you remember us from Lancaster PA 1976?
    We lived in the same apt complex as Bernice and that is how we met you and Roxanne!

    Please let us know if you get this.

    Gary and Ormonde

  • Frank friedman

    Jimmy I first heard your just a dream at a public pool in Allentown pa on the pa juke box my cousin who was older than me took me there I was about 12 or so and welcome to rock and roll later in my years a co worker who had served in Korea and Vietnam gave me your 45 he had, I just love that song it brings back so many memories of the simple years andnow here I am e mailing thanks from Orlando

  • Sherri

    Merry Christmas! To you and all who are dear to your heart! With love and hugs
    I’m thankful for your facebook with your uplifting words of inspiration and asking if there are any prayer requests. It’s nice seeing someone sharing happy posts on facebook! We need to share a positive msg on facebook as often as we are able to.

  • Betty Campbell

    I still have the album that I got when I was 15 yrs old. Just a Dream was what you were to me. A dream of a singer and good looking. You were my crush. You were my love. And, you still are my favorite singer from that era. Love you. Betty

  • Richard and Diana Pine

    Dear Jimmy your music has been a part of our love story for many years. We are married 48 years. We were thrilled to see you in Cerritos and hoping you make your way out here again. We love your music. We wish you a very blessed Christmas.

    Your Friends in California
    Richard and Diana Pine

  • lois wallace

    did you have albums called Jimmy’s Red and Jimmy’s Blue? the albums were actually red and blue….i had on of those monster record players, radio, and 8 track stereos…cabinet style that took up one whole wall….so many memories. my homeplace is green county mississippi…….it’s one of those places that you can’t get there from here……i married Leslie Wallace. he was the guitar player for Potliquor in the early 70’s….baton rouge group…i’m sending you best wishes from way up here in Zachary, La…..well maybe not too far up……

    lois wallace

  • Sybil Duplantis

    You made a lasting impression on me since I was 13 years old. You answered my letter. Jimmy, your smile lights ups a room and your songs melts our hearts. Just a Dream was just the beginning of a life time of songs you would sing. We love you and looking forward to seeing you in January in Thibodaux, La. Your nuggets help so many. Keep the Living Word of God moving. <3

  • Anita Hutchinson

    A fan for many years…..lived in Port Allen, Louisiana all my life across the river from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Listening to your music brings back such good memories of the dances and friends from long ago……

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Hope to see you at my show at Baton Rouge High School in Baton Rouge on May 20th. More information will be forthcoming. “Back Where It All Began.” Tickets available at or from Pal Productions Co. in Baton Rouge.

  • Carol Parker

    Fell in love with you at “Just a Dream” and still feel same way! Been many years but you are still going strong and I still love your music. May Goid bless you!

  • Donna Bonazzo

    Dear Jimmy, I will never forget the time I saw you sing in person. I was an immediate fan.
    You are so talented: singing, writing songs, etc. & as a Minister; you help so many people.
    I enjoy you ‘nuggets’ & they make me feel good too. Your smile is contagious.
    Love your site.

  • Judy Le Normand

    Hi Jimmy I love coming to this web sight to read all of the comments from other fans. You are truly loved and are a blessing to so many. Ill see you at the show coming up in Jan. also the one in May at your high school. Would not miss them. Because I think this will truly be your last performance in Louizzzzzana! Till then “KEEP ON ROCKING ” Your friend Judy

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Judy, the show in Thibodaux on January 29th is also to benefit the law enforcement of Lafourche Parish and where could you possibly get tickets to see Jimmy Clanton in concert for $15.45. The May 20th show at the Baton Rouge HS will be my last show in Louisiana and possibly my last show as the single headline artist.

  • Kathy

    Dear Mr. Clanton,

    I became one of your most avid fans in 1958 when you appeared on American Bandstand and sang, “Just A Dream.” I realize this does not make me unique, but at the age of 10, you were the first love of my life. Prior to you, I was madly in love with Roy Rogers!

    I am marking the days off my calendar for May 20, 2017. I will finally get to see you in person after 50 years of following your career and continuing to love your music. I have a request for your consideration – Would you dedicate the song, “Just A Dream” to the BRHS Class of 1966? We recently celebrated our 50th reunion and this dedication would continue to add memories to our Class. Many members of our class will be in attendance.

    Kathy BRHS 1966


    I was 14 when you started, but I remember you music, especially “Just A Dream” My late wife ( named Clanton,also) often wondered if you two were related. We lived in Many, La. You take care, Jimmy !

  • Cat Morales

    Thank You Jimmy for the Wonderful Years of Your Great Music, “Another Sleepless Night” has been my Theme Song for many Years, Although All Your Songs are Great, Another Sleepless Night remains my favorite…
    Holiday Blessings To You & Yours
    Cat Morales

  • wayne brandt and this is my Email adress

    I had a little radio that i would hide under the blankets when mum and dad would argue (almoat every nite ) but i got to listen to couison brucie ,wolfman jack, tommy shannon and every detroit radio staion and I knew every song that came out for 56-64 when i left home (at14) and these really great music people saved my life out in the cold country and i would like to thank people just like Jim that helped me trough this hard time Wayne B

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I would love to have your scrapbook. My address is Jimmy Clanton Enterprises, 409 Pencroft Drive South, Holtwood, PA 17532

  • linda cavallucci

    Jimmy ,i have loved your voice forever ,you know how to melt my heart ,with your beautiful
    voice ,please keep writing ,and recording your music ,i do have a favorite ,Venus In Blue Jeans
    but i love them all ,your voice a true gift from god .God Bless You.

  • Anita Hutchinson

    Being from Louisiana and hearing and seeing a lot of this great guy, these “oldies” never get old……love to listen and recall great memories along with each song. Thanks again

  • Willie West

    Hi Jimmy, this Willie West, another vocalist from Raceland. I recorded at Cossimo’s in 1959.
    I’m still singing and recording, too. I do R and B. God Bless, homeboy.

  • Stephen And Amanda Walker, Thomaston, Maine

    Thank you, Jimmy, for the great music and for continuing to share it with all of your fans. We enjoy your music very much and listen to you on the radio, as well as, watch you on Love your sound. Your enthusiasm shows through on every recording. Thank you so much!

  • Antonio Caniano

    Dear Jimmy I am a great fan for many years Hope to see you in concert God Bless you and your family From Antonio Caniano

  • Patricia Gonzales

    My mother has very fond memories of your songs. Her favorite song is “Just A Dream ”
    My mother thinks you are still looking good!
    She would really like to attend one of your performances. When will you be coming to

  • Elna Koenning

    Hi Jimmy
    We (Jeanet,Carolyn and Donna held the Berger reunion this year and our better half’s Butch and Clarence talking about our younger days and where your birthday came in with all of ours – none of us are getting any younger and I guess talking about the young days keeps us going so I decided to look you up and see how you are doing – it these are current photo’s of you – still the good looking guy with that sexy smile. I just wanted also to say Hi and if you are around the Austin area give us a shout out – we have retired and living in Butch hometown of Winchester, Texas – which is at the triangle of Giddings, LaGrange and Smithville (outside of Bastrop) I am glad you are doing well still love your voice and music

  • Clare Guadagnino

    Hello: My big sister turns 70 the end of October….you were her teenage idol. We are having a party for her and are putting together a birthday video. Is there anyway you could record a 15 second video signing Happy Birthday to Kathy? Thank you sir.

  • Judy Le Normand

    Love hearing and seeing ANYTHING Jimmy Clanton. Have all your cd s. Looking foward to hearing your latest songs. Keep watching your face book page to see when I can buy it. God Bless!

    Judy Le Normand

  • Marvelle

    I am so glad to hear you are doing well. Your music was beautiful, sweet, and made us fall in love. So unlike the vulgar, crazy, insane stuff made today. God Bless.

  • Virginia Montoya

    Wow Jimmy Clanton, I just found out you were still around , and still performing, I really loved the song “Just a Dream”, so happy to hear I could request your friendship ❤️❤️

  • jesse tamayo

    you were my idol when I was a teenager in the 50s you and Rickey Nelson were the best looking, I so wanted to look like you two lol but I turned out not too bad , thanks for the memories and God bless

  • Elizabeth nielsen

    I was blessed to have met Jimmy Clanton in Hawaii in the year 1959 or 60 and I thought he was so dreamy and a fabulous voice. So gifted. Thank you.

  • Leah

    Well, just look at you!! Here I thought you had retired into private life never to be seen again!!!! What a joy and a pleasure to see this website!!
    Thank you so much for your music! Indeed, it does take me back to all those year’s ago when we just kid’s, and, all of Life was ahead of us!!!
    And, know that you are still a ‘star’ in my memories…and, today as well!!!!
    Leah : )



    • Jimmy Clanton

      The title of the movie was “Go, Johnny, Go” where I played the lead Johnny Melody. The title of my song is “Go, Jimmy, Go.”

  • David Blomstrom

    My Own True Love played for my 25th and 50th Wedding Anniversaries. Hoping to have it played in 22 more years at 75th

  • Kelly

    It was so great to see you again sunday. Thank you for taking time to sit and talk for awhile. You are wonderful and will always be my favorite Venus in Blue Jeans

  • Toddy Arceneaux

    I am from the southern part of Louisiana. I have always loved your music and your golden voice. I am tickled pink to see and hear you again. I know God has led you to where you are today. Keep up the good work and my oh my how did a southern boy wind up in Pa? It sure gets might cold up there I bet. Well keep up the good work, we all love and appreciate your talent. God Bless and if you have a show near by or in Miss. I will surely be there.
    Kathryn (Toddy) Arceneaux

  • Bob Braquet

    I was going through my high school pictures from Baton Rouge High and found your picture. It brings back memories from my time in Baton Rouge and your music.
    If you are ever playing in the Houston area I would love to see you. I remember the old times as I turn 75 today. I remember all the record hops and dancing to your music.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Bobby Braquet, Katy, Texas

  • Tom dalley

    Hi Jimmy, just got through listening to Rock and Roll Graffiti, gets better every time I listen. What a great event that was

  • Peggy Mariani

    loved jimmy.still dol hope for good health for him and his family. god bless all of them

    Peggy Mariani 31 W. Los Reales, Tucson Arizona. space 294 zipp 85756 this is a senior citizen park. keep on singing Jimmy. gives the world something nice when we need it so bad. Love You always. Peggy

  • Joanne (Vegas) Powers

    Hi Jimmy

    Was being nostagic today and looked up your site. Met you in 1960, spent some time at your home in Baton Rouge around Easter, Your brother Ike and you did a show that day, your family was just wonderful, I will never forget them. You were still in the service at the time. Saw your Dad several years ago, your Mom was in the hospital at the time. It was nice to visit with him and catch up on old times and memories. I know all have gone home now, but they are still in my heart. I still catch you on some of the PBS shows. You remind me a lot of your Dad with all the white hair. I am sure with all the fans you have you won’t remember me, but just wanted to wish you all gods blessings and hope you and your family are well.
    Hugs and Love God Bless

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Thank you all for leaving your comments. I don’t respond to all but as I’ve said before, I do read each and every one of them. I really love my fans. You are so special to me.

  • Fran

    Saw you for the first time in person in Ft.Pierce Fla. You were so great and it was a pleasure to meet you! Hope you come back again.

  • Beverly.Myers

    I just ordered the pictures I wanted of you. My son PAUL MYERS put it on his PayPal because I didn’t know how to do that part. Three different poster type pictures. I already have a key chain of you, I use. Look up PAUL Myers on Facebook. He shows his Collector Trans-Am in shows, all over surrounding states, for charity causes. Also he is a Big STAR WARS fan since the 70s and has a collection like your lures, except we went overboard on buying. Now they are collectors Edition, worth a lot of money.. I know you don’t have a lot of time to be looking at so much Facebook. It really takes up a lot of my time when I should be doing other things, constructive. Your pictures will come to me in the mail under Paul’s name. Tell Sandy I got the ones I wanted. GOD, bless you all. Love Bev

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Thank you for your comments Bev. You write as if I don’t know who you are but I do. Sandy is sending the pictures in your name since she knew who the pictures were for unless you wanted me to autograph them to Paul instead of you. Just kidding!

  • Beverly.Myers

    I first met you in 1958 or1959 at the National Guard Armory in Hammond, Louisiana. After you sang you talked with me and another girl for a little while. You were so gentle and kind, not rushing us off. You had just sang, JUST A DREAM. We each got a 45 record somehow, I can’t remember. We are friends on Facebook and I appreciate the time you have given all of us growing older, with you. Your music has been with me all of my life. I lost you for awhile, then I found you again. Forever, be happy and healthy, this I PRAY for you. I really like Sandy and how much she has done for you and she still raised a family. Such a kind lady and I told her she is so very smart, in a lot of ways. You truly have been blessed in your life and you learned so much, to help yourself. We are all SO proud of your Ministry and love of GOD. You will never know how you have inspired so many people and changed their wrong way of thinking. I have talked with a few of my friends about you. We all share our love for you, as a friend and helper of things you could never know about. Betty was so good to me sending CD AND pictures, going out of her way, to make me so happy. I had, had so much trouble with Amazon Prime, thinking that was the only way to get your memories. I bet she handled them, well, for selling so many of your things without permission. They actually made a lot of money from selling and it was wrong of them. It took me a whole day to get things straight with them. I don’t know, I haven’t checked to see if they are still trying to sell your music, but I will. A lot of people just did not know where to go to get your music and pictures. Now it is settled, thanks to pretty Sandy. I will let you go, just know I pray for you and others every night. Healthy or suck, I have a long list. I usually have to tell GOD, you remember the lady I saw today that she has both legs operated on? Just in case I forget their name, HE remembers. Now, I’m going to listen to another one of your songs. Love Bev

  • Susan

    Love you Jimmy, fell in love with you when I was about 12, you were the first music that I started listening to. And just in the last few months decided to type your name in the search to see what came up, I was so surprised to see you, and see that you are doing well and still entertaining . God Bless you, and I will always love you. Susan

  • Angel Paduano

    Your website is fantastic. But everything you do is awesome. I love the photos I have to come back and buy some. Love you Jimmy

  • Bob Berube

    Jimmy, I have always loved your sound. I am able to recognize you even when in another room.
    Thank You for being there and letting us listen.

  • Nelson James

    Jimmy, I have been a fan since back in the day. I met you and heard you give your testimony for Christ around 1988. Your story concerning how you came to know Jesus as your personal savior is inspiring and to me more memorable than your music. I hope you are doing well and that you continue to prosper.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      My relationship with Christ is far more meaningful and everlasting than my music. I have a page on Facebook called Jimmy Clanton Ministry where I write Biblical nuggets of scriptural truths.

  • Pete Tyler

    Hi Jimmy, Just wanted to say that I have been a fan for many, many years. Thank you for your music and for your smile it always cheers me up when I am feeling a bit down. Long may you continue to keep making music and your many fans happy. Take care buddy. Pete.

  • Diane Sennett

    Mr. Clanton, thank you for the music with which you have filled and enriched my life. My five children, ages ranging from 43 to 52, are fans of yours as well (having been surrounded from birth in our home with your songs). It is still gives each of us great joy to listen to, and many times sing along with you, when we are gathered. Many blessings to you and yours.

  • Brett

    Hi Jimmy!
    I’m a long time listener, I’m 40 years old. When I was about 10 years old I heard “Just a Dream” on the radio and became an instant fan of yours. Shortly after that, I stumbled across a copy of Go Johnny Go and would watch it every day for the next couple years. I became obsessed with the music of your era and have been ever since. Do you have any good memories of filming that movie? So many great musicians were involved. Anyway, I just had to write and let you know how much joy you have brought to my life and inspired me to sing and write songs. I am working on my third album right now.

    Thank you for everything!

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Thank you and I’m glad you have enjoyed “Go, Johnny, Go.” Contrary to what you see in the film, I did not see most of the musicians. Most of the filming of the performances was done in NY while the movie itself and the actors were in California.

  • Kate McLure

    Hi Jimmy

    I still remember seeing you perform at the Sydney Stadium, all those years ago, and had a chance to meet you after the show, you are were the perfect southern gentleman.
    So please to hear you are still performing,

    best wishes always

  • Aldo Vincent Diotalevi

    Tremendous talent,
    Voice, looks, stage presence next to none.
    You have a God given talent.
    God bless you.
    God bless America.

  • Carol K. Flite

    Hi Jimmy, I’ve been a fan for awhile, since 1958. Still a fan all these years later. Keep us Entertained for many more years to come, <3

  • Gaylyn Meyer

    In the mid t0 late 50′ I was not yet a teenager, about 8 years. Music was and is my favorite form of entertainment. As a child that young, I always remember hearing of you and listening to your music. You were one of the very first singer I loved and your music. To this day, when I hear your songs or your name, I reminisce. So glad to have found you again. Thanks for all of the good memories and entertainment. A loyal fan. Gaylyn Meyer.

  • Michael Morris aka.Hank

    GOD IS MOVING! I just received 2 royalty checks and an invitation to do a music video on a CD that is over 3 years old. I love to hear you sing Angel Face , & Don’t you know. So enjoy your new friends.

  • Joan Bailey

    Dear Jimmie,
    I just stopped to listen to Just a Dream and also listened to Ole Rock n Roller for the first time. It was a great, catchy tune–one you could dance to, as they would say on the Dick Clark Show. I was hoping you could tell me if you are related to neighbors of mine from long ago, Mildred and Jasper Clanton who had a daughter named Karen. They lived in Oakland, CA and they moved to Portland, OR. in the early 60s. Karen talked a lot about you and the wonderful songs you sang.

    Joan Bailey

  • Dave McColl

    My name is Dave McColl, I have enjoyed your music. I really enjoyed hearing you sing Venus in Blue Jeans at the Pittsburgh theatre, and at the end of the song you introduced your wife of many years. I am 66 years old, and feel like you do, my Venus in Blue jeans has been in my life 32 years.

    I enjoyed your music as a young kid while growing up in Detroit. I continue to listen and enjoy your wonderful music living in Florida. I finally am able to enjoy your music more often since owning my smart phone.

    Each year, I travel from Florida to Arizona to see my family. I always think of you while passing through Louisiana.

    Also, Congratulations on becoming a born again Christian and accepting Jesus Christ. Nothing is greater!
    Take care good friend, and keep on playing and singing.

    May God BLess you and your family.

    Dave McColl

  • Dianna Spring Marks

    We were neighbors on Alden Court in old Goodwood (Baton Rouge). I was at Goodwood Elementary (4th, 5th, 6th grade). I had such a “crush” on the cute older brother on the street. I would rake the leaves in front yard just to see U (riding a bike, I think). Never saw U perform; unlucky for me it’s too late. U wrote a note on Birdie’s obituary; that brought back the memory.
    Dianna Spring (Marks)

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Dianna, I so remember this one incident. I was sitting on my porch one hot day and all of a sudden you were walking on our street toward Keed Ave. and you had on a one piece blue bathing suit. My first thought was, “there is no pool in our neighborhood so she can’t be going swimming.” To be honest, it never occurred to me that you might be trying to get my attention, because you did!

  • Irene Lobsinger

    I felt so honored to meet you Cincinnati. You truly are a consummate entertainer. You sure haven’t lost you voice through the years. Keep on rocking darlin. You know your fans are here for you.
    Hope to see you again sometime.

  • nancy sanchez

    my father was a fan of yours he has one of your albums unfourtanetly my father passed away 3 yrs ago, everytime i see your album brings tears.your music was prety good even my 16 yr old likes it

  • Hugo Javier Concha, Esq.

    Jimmy: You are truly one of the very best singers of all time. I had some photos taken with you at the Sunrise Theatre, Fort Pierce, Florida, last year. My family and I had a great time speaking with you. By the way, your hair is actually better than mine. Thank you for all of those great songs. All the very best to you! – Hugo Javier Concha, Esq. – *** Check out my facebook photos at: Hugo Javier Concha

  • Marsha Landry Pressburg

    JImmy, My Grandfather owned “Landry’s Palladium” in Lafayette, La. I remember when you played there. My girlfriend and I were so excited when my father brought you over and introduced you to us. It was an extra special thing for 2 teenage girls that I will never forget. You still look and sound real good.

  • Lesley Clack

    Hi Jimmy, can’t believe it will soon be a year since I met you. What a fun evening, and what fantastic memories! Thanks for all the music and entertainment, but I thank you even more for your wonderful ministry. I so look forward to your comments and “nuggets”. May Jesus hold you close, always, my brother in Christ.

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Thank you for your comments…I have read each one of them! I have limited my performances on stage and trading them for performances with a fishing rod and reel. If you have never seen me perform in person, the next best thing is to purchase my “Farewell to the Bayou” DVD, which may very well be my final up close and personal one man show. It is 2 hours of Jimmy Clanton singing 19 or 20 songs.

  • Phil Maggitti

    “Just a Dream” got me through my first broken heart in the late ’50s. Ditto for my second one. So great to hear it again. You’ve aged well, man. Hope to see you perform soon. Keep on keepin’ on.

  • pat williams

    My husband sings with The Devotions. He met you at The Theater at Westbury on Long Island. He enjoyed the preaching in your dressing room. We are Christians and also saw you at a church in our area, Faith in God’s Word. God bless you always.

  • Carole Diamond

    Love your music. Saw you in Fort Lauderdale a few years ago at Parker Playhouse. Met you after the show outside at your table and bought your cd you were selling. Listen to it often. It would be wonderful if you could return to South Florida again. Unfortunately cannot travel up north. You are missed here.

  • PAT

    I am so happy to see that you have your own web sight. I have always loved your music.🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵

  • Joseph Vreeland

    Thanks for being inside my 8 transistor Silvertone radio sitting on my chest – late at night when I listened to WMGM 1040 (?) and WINS – 1010 Radio from New York. All those nights of a ‘coming-of-age’ adolescent with songs in his head, under his breath and loudly sung in the shower. “Go Jimmy, Go” was my second best favorite to “Just A Dream” which certainly came in first.

    I remember those 8th grade dances in the gym when the snow was too deep for outside recess – we’d have a sock-hop for lunch, and most of us would forgo the lunch to get into the gymnasium for the dance and the heck with being able to stay awake in chemistry class when we were too weak with hunger to even pay attention to the teachers.

    I blame you — and me —- both of us really, for all the good things that happened to me and all the girls I danced with — at least I blame you for being such an attraction to us – all of us – as teenagers who only wanted to get along with everyone. The world was soon to change; little did we know that the demon trumpets of war were about to call and cut our youthful days short.

    Well, I’m retired now and finally got to “The Last Best Place” — Montana. The air is clear and doesn’t smog-burn my Agent Orange soaked lungs like SoCal did. I came here to die slower than livong in California was going to do to me. But you don’t need to hear all that – this is about you, and I’ll never forget all that you and your music meant to me, my friends and my children who cringe when I bring out my old records (I have you on MP3s, so don’t worry – they don’t have any scratches and clicks like the old 45s did/do).

    Stay well as long as you can and my prayers are with you since you are sincerely one of my favorite memories. I hope that gives you a warm feeling – it does for me.

    All the finest to you and yours,


  • nancy stowell

    Hi Jimmy,
    Wonderful to see you perform & meet you! You really were on my “bucket list”!

    Thanks for the music that helped me navigate the teen age years. I still love the sound of your voice and I still have crush on you at 70+.
    What a delight to meet you and have my picture with you posted on facebook.
    Thanks for coming to Pottstown!

  • MaryKay Pennington

    Hi Jimmy! Just wanted you to know that you got me thru puberty & all its heartaches. Prior to you, it was Ricky Nelson (because my big sister wouldn’t let me pick Elvis) but once your sound hit my radio you knocked my socks off and sent me to heaven. Your name was all over my 7th grade notebook. I still get butterflies at the sound of your voice! Go Jimmy, Go!!

  • Ann Wade Hart`

    I was working for Ace Records when Jimmy Clanton recorded “Just A Dream” for Johnny Vincent Imbragulio.
    Ann Wade Hart

  • Linda Cahalan

    Hi Jimmy, I saw the post about the tribute to Alan Freed.Is it true that “GO, Johnny, Go” was made in one week? Given that most of the cast hadn’t acted before, you all did an excellent job. Great movie, A classic!

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Thank you to all of you who were kind enough to leave comments. I have read each and every one of them. I am truly humbled that you enjoy my music.

  • Linda Cahalan

    Hi Jimmy, I have tried to request a couple of your new songs on my local radio stations.Most here are owned by Iheart media group.They say they are not on their play list so can’t play them because of licensing? Any suggestions ?

  • Alan Fritch (75)

    Jimmy……I am holding in my hand your 1958 hit A Letter To An Angel on ACE Records which I love to spin on my Rek O Kut turntable. This old Reading PA boy enjoys all your songs. Wish I could travel to Pottstown to see your concert. Best of luck to you on all your tours. And remember…you don’t shoot a 45….you play it!

  • Diana Thompson

    Hello again Jimmy !! It’s been awhile since I have been to your lovely web site. I am getting alittle better everyday. your songs has sure helped me during all this & for that I thank you so much.I am well enough to join your facebook & will be so happy to see you there. sending lots of hugs .God Bless !! Diana

  • Myles & Susie Morgan

    Met you back in the early sixties after you married my ex baby sitter. I was 10 years old in 1958 when Roxanne looked after me and my younger brother during the summer. My mother was a good friend of Bernice for many years until she moved to PA. Mother is 86 and wonders if Bernice is still around?








    • Jimmy Clanton

      You can purchase my final CD “Everybody Needs Love” right here at the store on this website. It is only available here!

  • Dwight Thacker

    Always have loved your music,but now excited that you love Jesus and preach his word.Please come back to the Liberty Opry in Liberty,Texas.

  • Joan Aabury

    Hello Jimmy…How well I remember the good ‘ole days when I was a teen and you were too and you sang so nicely…You still do and it’s nice to be able to hear you sing again…Thanks for your friendship on Facebook.

  • Andy Ardoin

    Mr. Clanton, I have enjoyed your music since I first heard your song ” Just A Dream ” being played at Brownies Cafe in Iowa, Louisiana in the very ealy 60’s. Now residing in Lake Charles, Louisiana, 55 plus years later still enjoy listening to your singing. Recently got the two latest CD, and play them in my shop while cleaning my vette. Thank you for the memories. Love that old Swamp Pop music.
    GAP 🇺🇸😎

  • Susan

    Jimmy, I loved you at 13, you were so handsome, and so talented, I dreamed one day we would meet, and fall in love, I think that is a dream of every girl in her teens, I just recently found you on facebook, and couldn’t believe how good you still looked, with all your beautiful hair.
    I Loved all your songs and still do. God bless you! Your the best.

  • Mark Lollis

    Jimmy I loved your song Venus in Blue Jeans. I heard you sing it on PBS brought back good memories. Keep the memories coming. I do request you on al Radio show hope to see you some time when you come to Oklahoma.

    Mark Lollis

  • Marilyn Mcilvoy

    OMG….it warms my heart, I remember so well, all the wonderful songs and feelings. thank you Jimmy for your talent, grace and smile. God Bless you and warm hugs to you !!!!

  • Pat Soderman

    Dear Jimmy, Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed hearing you sing last night at Hauppauge High school but most of all for praying together with all of you for my grandson Ryan. I feel truly blessed and believe very strongly in the power of prayer. God bless you all. and Thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you again. I put in a friend request on Face book. My nickname is Bonnie.

  • Brenton Montgomery

    Hi Jimmy,
    I am a DJ in Adelaide, South Australia, and love your work. One of my fellow DJ’s plays your songs on his Saturday program every week, without fail.
    Would it be possible for you to record an id / sting for him and email in mp3 format ?
    If so, just send me an email address where I can send the details.
    All the very best Jimmy ….
    Best Wishes,
    88.7 COAST FM

  • Mark Rappaport

    Just stopped by to say hello and keep up the great work. Love some of the new stuff and look forward to hearing more. May God bless and take care.

  • Judy Evans

    We were reminiscing about our teen years and loved “Just a Dream” We are friends of Nancy and Jerry Hassel!
    Blessings for a great many more years !!

    Judy and Dan Evans

  • Bobby Feucht

    Jimmy, I absolutely love everything that you do! I have fond memories of the songs of the early sixties when I was just out of High School when we as teens lived to dance….I mean dance holding each other and not all this jumping all over the dance floor. These songs have meaning and as such mean so much to me. Of course just to mention a couple, “Just a Dream” and “A million to one” are two greats that I absolutely love. The truth be told, it’s your voice that makes all your songs sound so good!…….oh, and if you ever pass through my little town of La Place, I would just love to meet you sone day!
    God Bless and stay safe!

  • Dave (David Jay) Motacki

    Jimmy I feel I’ve known you for years. Being a DJ some years back I’ve introduced you and your music so many times. Not only because the crowd loved it, but I always loved your sound. You are truly a great entertainer. I’ve was lucky enough to see you a few times in the past, never a disappointment, you were great. I look forward to seeing you again in Pottstown Pa. Hopefully I will get to say hello. Till then, take care and keep on singing the greatest music of all times. David Jay

  • Michael Morris

    I have had the privalege of performing as well. My music is Traditional Honky-Tonk Country. I recorded under the name of Hank Morris & Honky-Tonk Country. But I love watching your movies, & hearing that smooth touch of blues voice of yours. My favorite song is Angel Face. I live in Louisiana. Come see me if you are in the neighborhood. Thanks Jimmy.

  • Rockin' Ronnie

    As a Oldies Dee Jay in the Detroit area for the past 30 years, I can attest to the fact that Jimmy Clanton has had the most requests for songs on my show. Jimmy set the bar for future Rock & Roll Artists and has ALWAYS been a CLASS ACT! My personal favorite is ‘A MILLION DRUMS”. Jimmy, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  • Sharon or Barry Krum

    I bought your CD of Everybody Needs Love and we just love it all. My husband breaks down in tears when he hears you sing Everybody needs love. Your songs having such meaning to them. saw you at the Bloomsburg Fair but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance of meeting you in person because we were with another couple.Due to my husbands health,I just couldn’t come to see you in Pottstown,would love to but can’t. Good luck and May God Bless you.

    Sharon and Barry Krum

  • Carol Quinlan

    Here in Modesto, California (Central Valley), a local “oldies” station played JUST A DREAM a few days ago and I was startled that the song brought back so many sweet and delicious memories. With a few friends, I saw you perform JUST A DREAM as a very young man at a theater in Washington, D.C. along with some other young rock ‘n rollers who were also on the bill. What an exciting time! Of course, all of us girls fell in love with you. I’m glad you continue to perform because your hits bring back so many great memories. Do you think you will ever get to Central California? I’m sure you’d have fans here–we have a new theater, the Gallo Center for the Performing Arts. It’s a truly wonderful and classy place. Judy Collins, the Beach Boys Tribute Band and many others have performed there. It would be great to welcome you and your band to Modesto (population 220,000). In the meantime, best wishes always to you and your family. Keep the music alive!!

  • Katie herring

    I am such a huge fan of Jimmy Clanton. I absolutely love Venus In Blue Jeans. That is one of my favorite songs ever. I have seen him in the movie Go Johnny Go on YouTube. He has such an amazing voice. I also love Go Jimmy Go and Just A Dream.

  • Lura Black

    Hey, Jimmy.. For the last few years I have gone on the Malt Shop memories cruise on Holland America out of Fort Lauderdale. So, how come we haven’t seen you on that cruise yet? Last year we were lucky to have Neil Sedaka, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell and Chubby Checker; just to name a few. Sure would like to see you on one of them. Glad you are still performing. You sang some great songs. My favorite has always been Venus In Blue Jeans…such great words. Continued luck to you.

  • linda cavallucci

    Hi ,Jimmy, loved your Bio,i can remenber ,watching you sing ,Just A Dream ,on American
    Bandstand ,i knew it would be a hit .As i feel all your songs are .Thank you ,again for your
    talent ,a true gift from God …Looking forward to more of your beautiful voice ,
    Thank You ..

  • James Carroll

    Jimmy: A great website. Glad you are doing well. We have a mutual friend in Jim Burch of Florida.
    Jim Carroll, BRHS Class of 1956.

    James S. Carroll
    10263 Timberline Dr.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70809-3240
    225 293-5204

    Reunion 2016 is still Friday, May 20 / Saturday, May 21

  • Bev Hartland

    Very honored to meet JImmy Clanton. WE have watched him perform at Hauppauge for the last two years and we are back for more in 2016. Love you Jimmy and love your sound xx
    It takes us a while to get there from Australia, but the trip is truly worth it.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Make sure you make yourselves known to me. We always have a table out in the big hallway entrance to the auditorium at Hauppauge.

  • Rhoda

    My husband and I just heard you sign Go Johnny Go on XM Radio and it brought back memories for me. I live in Southern California, the San Fernando Valley, are you going to be performing here in the future

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I performed in Cerritos in January. There are no shows scheduled in California at this time but there may be something in the future. Keep looking at my schedule here on my website.

  • Richard Charles

    jimmy you autographed a picture for me at the rochester n.y. war memorial in the late 50’s when you were touring with the dick clark show. I still have all your top 45’s in my collection and wonder if you have a CD of your original hits that i could purchase.

  • Linda Cahalan

    Jimmy I have an 8 track of your movie GO Johnny Go if you would like it.I’d be glad to give it to you.Did you know that Sandy Stewart is still performing? I believe she lives in Florida.

  • Rhoda Groff

    I am a big fan of yours. When you had the radio program hex I won a few roses .I didn’t have far to go since I lived in Mount joy. Glad to find you again . I am a friend of Marlyn Kaufman I saw your picture with him..I am going to find you on Facebook. Keep on singing.

    • Rhoda Groff

      I am a big fan of yours. When you had the radio program hex I won a few roses .I didn’t have far to go since I lived in Mount joy. Glad to find you again . I am a friend of Marlyn Kaufman I saw your picture with him..I am going to find you on Facebook. Keep on singing. You were the Star performance at the Conestoga festival in the 70 . Nothing like the oldies, you could understand what you were singing.

  • Linda Cahalan

    Jimmie, Myron Lee and the Caddies were the back-up band on the 1963 tour.He took films of the tour.They are on youtube.Just fun to watch.I realize that Cimmie was a different guy.Did your tour start in the south? Or the north.Sadly there weren’t too many black bus drivers in the south in those days. They weren’t allowed.

  • Linda Cahalan

    Jimmy and Sandy, There is a bus drivers union in Louisiana.They might be able to help you locate the driver you want.You can find them on the internet.This was the 1959 tour to all the theaters in Monroe, Ruston, etc. to promote Go, Johnny, Go, right?

    • Jimmy Clanton

      The bus tour driver Cimmie who Sandy is looking for drove my tour bus in the winter of 1960. It was not to promote “Go, Johnny, Go.”

  • Linda Cahalan

    Hi Jimmy, I saw a post by you mentioning a bus driver you met on tour long ago.If you go to YouTube Music and type in Myron Lee and the Caddies there are videos from a Dick Clark bus tour back in 1963.You are shown getting off the bus, the buses and the drivers are shown too,on Part 3.There is also a Christmas party where you are dancing with your wife back then.These videos will bring back a lot of memories I am sure.I first saw them on Bobby Vee’s website.By the way did you know he has alzhiemers now? His wife of 50+ years recently passed away.Very sad time for him. He is one of the nice guys,like you. Always fun to look back on the good old days of Rock and Roll.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Myron Lee is not the bus driver Sandy was looking for. She has been looking for a driver named Cimmie from New Orleans who was the the driver for my own Jimmy Clanton tour.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Several people have mentioned that they’d like to have me come to Turning Stone Casino. I’d be happy to perform there sometime.

  • Linda Cahalan

    Jimmy, Enjoyed seeing the pictures of Thailand.What a beautiful venue.You are beloved the world over.Wish you could join us at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Iowa again this year for the Buddy Holly Winter Dance Party. It would be lovely to see you perform in person.I missed you the last time.I recognized the picture you have up from there. Linda Cahalan

  • Linda Grisso

    Jimmy, you were my first crush, and I never forgot you. All your songs are wonderful, but I get chills every time I hear you sing JAD. I’m now hoping for another concert a little closer to home before your retire for good. Maybe if (when) I win the lottery, I will be able to travel up your way. Until then, we’ll just hang out on FB.

  • Marie

    Many years ago at the Whole Foods Market in Houston on the corner of S. Shepherd and Kirby, Carl, a chef at A Moveable Feast, introduced us. It was at that time I told you that my favorite song when I was younger was your “Venus in Bluejeans.” As an idealistic teenager, I imagined it was written for me, lol. One thing I was amazed about is how wonderful you looked, and I’ll bet you still do. You have aged so well. Thank you for your beautiful music and your beautiful soul. I will never forget meeting you. It meant so much to me.

  • Gloria Diaz

    I have loved you since American Bandstand and I will always be your fan. Loved your performance last night at Cerritos Performing Arts. Hope to see you again soon.

  • Tom and Joyce Caballero

    We are really looking forward to seeing you Saturday night in Cerritos, CA. Hope you sing “A Part of Me!” My ’53 Merc had “Just A Dream” written on the back fender! Love your music!!!!
    Tom and Joyce Caballero

  • Bev Hartland

    Each year we come to Hauppauge from Australia and each year you are simply amazing Jimmy.
    We love to see you, talk to you and most of all, listen to you sing <3

  • dr. Louis van der Loo

    Jimmy, Sandy, your managers name came back to me, as i wrote before, a friend of mine, like to buy something from your store, but we both got stucked, could not figure out how to contact or pay, you should alter it, in a better manner, anyway next month i will see my friend Colin Blunstone again, once the leadsinger of the Zombies, in the last couple of years i met sir Bob Geldof, and Graham Gouldman of 10 CC, BUT MY REAL INTEREST IS WITH THE 50s, early 60s, the period of Jimmy, it should be more easy to get his signature!
    Cheers, dr. Louis.

  • dr. Louis van der Loo

    L.S.; Last year April, i sent a vintage picture to get it signed by him, did it via his manager, forgot her name, till now Jan 16 NO REPLY! A friend of me, and me also want to buy something from the store, but do not know how where there is a contact mentioned, or how to pay, am very dissapointed, my newest mailaddress is;
    Furthermore i like to stay a friend, caus he and Sandy Always were very friendly, but have a bad feeling about this, even Paul Mc Cartney still sends me a xmascard, and in my opinion, he is the B iggest, living legend!
    Cheers, dr. Louis van der Loo.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Sandy is very efficient and responsive to all requests that she receives. There must be a problem with the mailing. Is there any way, you can tell us which picture it was you sent? You can send a copy to our email at We will then see about getting you a signed picture.

  • Michael Ballinger

    I’ve liked your music since I heard “Just A Dream” in the summer of ’58 while vacationing in Florida. My favorite though was “My Own True Love”. a song which I like to play and sing myself.

  • Linda Young

    You’ve been one of my favorites since 14 years old…..way back in the late 50’s. It’s wonderful to hear you singing and performing. My formative years were in the south and you definitely bring that special touch only a southern singer can do with emotion and feeling. Been a Californian since 1957 but my soul is with your songs.

    Thank you,
    Linda Young

  • Jerry Webb

    Hi Jimmy,

    Do you remember Kenneth and Jerry Webb? We lived on Keed Ave. when we were all growing up?
    Tonight, we heard a lady from Sun Records, Barbara Sims … gave a talk at our Knife & Fork club in Houston … where we live. I asked her if she knew you and of course she said “yes”.
    So glad to see you are still going strong? Be well, Jerry

  • Karen Harp

    Want to share with you, my boyfriend back in 1960 would sing Poetry In Motion to me. Oh the good old days. Thank you for your music.

  • Diana

    Hello !! so sorry I am so late with this but have been having health issues lungs aren’t doing to good right now. anyways, just wanted to say Happy veterans day N to Thank you so much for your service.*HUGS* Diana

  • Julie George

    Hi Mr. Clanton! My name is julie George & my dad is Sidney George Jr. I am calling him every couple of weeks to talk to him about his music career. I think he mentioned playing with you at one time in his younger days in the 50’s/60’s think in Baton Rouge. I am wondering if you remembered him. He was from Thibodaux. He had some really nice things to say about you. I am wondering if you remember him and if you had memories about those days and his musical talent that you might want to share so that I can put in my family history book or possibly any newspaper articles with him in it that I might be able to get a copy of. I am sorry to bother you with so many requests but I am just interested in putting together some information about his music career. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much for your time. I hope you and your family have a happy & blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas. Julie

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I appreciate your search for this information. Unfortunately, now in my 58th year of a musical career playing every state in the union and overseas, I apologize but I can not remember every engagement or every back up band member. There are thousands of musicians I’ve worked with. I’m sorry I can’t give you the information you’d like. I have no collection of memorabilia, newspaper clippings etc. of my own.

  • Jimmy Clanton

    I am so grateful to you who come to my website and bother to leave a comment. Even though I don’t reply to all of you…I do read them all!!! Thank you.

  • Harold L.Adams

    A friend mentioned someone in blue jeans,I immediately said Venus in blue jeans omg Jimmy Clanton they said who’s that? You’re joking you never heard of him or songs wow unbelievable he was great made movies with Chuck Berry Had lots of songs Late 50s early 60s done hundreds of concerts.Why did you stop making T.V.appearances?Us older fans would love seeing you again.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Harold, Life goes on and there are seasons for everything! Check my schedule for where I’m performing or go to the store on this website and perhaps you’d like the DVD “Farewell to the Bayou”…my 2 hour one-man special up close and personal where I sing 19 of my songs.

  • Mike Fletcher

    We really enjoyed your performance at the Doo Wop concert at the Paramount Theatre in Denver this evening. You are still amazing after all these years. Venus in Blue Jeans is one of my all time favorite songs. Hope you’re able to continue performing for many years. God bless you!

  • Gloria Bello Thibodaux

    I have loved you & your music since 1957 when you came to False River. I remember your brother, Ike, too. I dated Les Hooper whom I know you remember back in the ole days. Brings back good memories…..Stay sweet !!

  • Vivian Eddy

    We have been listening to Jimmy’s singing since the late 50’s & early Sixty”,. I was a young teenager back then , he will forever be one of our Great Favorites.

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Thank you for your comments which I read. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can in the cities where I am performing. Check out my schedule here on my fantastic website of which I am so proud! Thank you to the Otworths from Florida for constantly keeping Jimmy Clanton updated!

  • Jack

    you have always been in my top five 50’s & 60’s singers. I listen on YouTube all the time. Hope you can come to NC sometime.

  • Rosemary Di Cara

    Hi, I am so excited about coming to your show on Saturday, October 3 at the Keswick Theatre.
    I am in Front Center Section 1 Row AA Seat 107. Hope this is a good seat to enjoy the show.
    Good Luck and God Bless

  • Judi Steele

    Hi Jimmy,

    I remember seeing you in Joplin, MO when I was in High School in 1961 or 19621 I was so excited to see you. You were one of my favorites! Just wanted to say hi and glad to know you are still at it! Hope all is going well for you. Take care.

    God Bless you
    Judi Steele

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Thank you and welcome to my fantastic website!!! Make sure you look everywhere here.
      We will be posting new pictures for sale in the store very soon.

  • Diana

    Thank you so much for letting me know,I so appreciate it…I will have to check my email ,as I am abit behind with it. What a awesome treasure an email from you, Thank you !*HUGS* Diana

  • Chuck "Baby" Adams

    Worked at the Jimmy Menutis Club in Houston back in the 60’s. Emceed several shows with Jimmy Clanton and other stars of the era while a DJ at KNUZ, Houston.
    Good to see that Jimmy is still entertaining. A real neat guy back then, and I’m sure he still is.

  • Gloria smith

    You were my favorite singer when I was a teen, and when I hear your songs, they are still great. I’m so glad to hear you are happy and still singing.

    I need to look at your website to see what you are doing now. Any plans of performing in Alaska?

    Best of everything to you and your family.


    • Stephannie

      This was a wonderful ceelbration of Mike and Bette Jo’s service with The Salvation Army. Wished we could have been there! Thank you for sharing for those of us not able to attend.

  • DonnaKay Katherine Kinnaman

    I fell in love with his movie GO JIMMY GO!
    I thought it was the Best Movie I ever seen. I’m disable due to brain surgery and love all his songs I’ve lost memory of many years back but I’d like to Thank Jimmy Clanton for all his songs so when I’m sad and I know I won’t ever be with another man I dream of Jimmy Clanton movie “GO JIMMY GO” and I’m that girl he fell in love with. God Bless You Mr. Jimmy Clanton and stay Handsome. I hear Just A Dream just so I can go to sleep. Blessings Sir Blessings. From DonnaKay Katherine Kinnaman

  • Linda Cahalan

    Hi Jimmy, If you have a moment, google Kathy’s Wall at was a young girl with polio who was a regular at Danceland Ballroom in Cedar Rapids IA in the 50’s and 60’s. She took pictures and kept a scrapbook of all the singers who appeared there.They are on the wesite- Bobby Darin, Buddy Holly, Fabian, JIMMY CLANTON, even Alan Freed.You are on page 6. It’s a real walk down memory lane.Enjoy. Linda

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Thank you for telling me about these pictures. I had not seen most of them before. Thank you for the picture of your wall that you sent to my office. Luv,…Jimmy

  • Diana

    can anyone tell me if the cd in the store here named all hits & more if they are songs recorded from back in the 50′ /60’s or are they resent??? Thank you so much for any help . *HUGS* Diana

  • Ken

    Jimmy Do you remember Red Don’t Go with Blue and All the words in the World? Do you still perform them? Remember learning the words and trying to get the band to back me up. All the memories.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Yes, I still perform my hits on the Doo Wop shows. (see my schedule here on my website) I am relearning some very early songs that I wrote and recorded so that I can sing them in Thailand in November. They requested some I didn’t even remember recording.

  • Edward J. Held

    A big fan of yours, all music of the past and present! I enjoy memories since mine are all gone due to Katrina! Still living in hope for a better tomorrow! Best,
    Ed Held
    aka sho buz
    Hollywood South Press reviews for St. Bernard Voice

  • Janice Z.

    I recently saw an interview on youtube in which you stated you were going to write a book. Is that in the works and if so, when can we expect to see it for sale? So grateful to you for continuing to share your talent with people. I was born in 57 but was lucky enough to catch on to the best music ever when the british invasion cooled down in the early 70’s and all those doo wop , and R&B artists were resurging as “oldies”. Thank goodness! I’ve been a fan ever since – thanks for keeping the music alive!

  • Steve Pulbrook

    Just love your music. I was wondering have you ever noticed the similiarity between Venus in Blue Jeans and the hit by Gerry and the Pacemakers called Ferry Across the Mersey. They may owe you some writing and royalties credit

  • Diana

    I was about 10 when I first heard your awesome song Just a Dream. I used to sing it all the time. I wanted to have it as my wedding song for the bride N groom dance but would you believe no one knew what song or who I was talking about. I always remembered the name of song N your first name growing up but had your last name in my mind as clayton..I spent yrs, trying to find your songs but never was able. then in 2006 I joined this chat group .in my profile there I had Just a dream as my favorite of the girls there asked me about it N a couple of days later I thought I had died N gone to heaven. she put a link to your wonderful song.I cried for days. I play that song every night before I go to bed.. when I was in hospital for my lung cancer surgery my grandson came to visit me N had downloaded just a dream on his phone ,can’t tell you how much it meant to me.. I can’t wait to feel better so he can help me get just a dream N a few more of your cd’s to treasure. Thank you so much for being you N for given us so many wonderful memories. wish I could hug you for real but will send you tons of online hugs in place.. *HUGS N LOVE * Diana

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Just a note to everyone. Even if I don’t personally comment to each one of you, please know that I have read all of your comments. For the latest information about my schedule, check this website. Carolyn Sue is always up dating the information. Check out the store for pictures and I will personally autograph each one to you.

  • David Burnham

    you are one special person and am proud to call you my friend. can never get enough of your music. thank you so much for all you have done for us try running for president would get it we need heart and soul in this country whats left of it hope to get to texas dallas fortworth you will make your sales have no problems there .if not am coming to your house and I will bring supper

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I would really like it if you could come to Ft. Worth, David. I am planning some special things for that show on June 4, 2016 at the Cendera Center.

  • Ed Callison

    Hello Jimmy: I am a big fan of yours. Born in 1945, I love the 50s music, and you were one of the best of that era. I would love to see you in person. Do you have any plans in the future to come to Atlanta (my home is there) or to Pigeon Forge, TN? We go there every year, and would really love to see you in a show, live! Keep on with your great music!

    Ed Callison, native Southerner, Vietnam veteran of the US Army, and cancer survivor—-grateful to God every day!

    • Jimmy Clanton

      There is nothing schedule at the moment for me to perform in Georgia or Tennessee. Keep checking my schedule here on this website for the most up to date information.

  • Alan Johnson

    Hello Jimmy, what a great voice you have, I just bought the DVD of the movie “Go, Johnny, Go” and loved every minute of it, will you ever visit England? it would be nice.
    Could I be cheeky and ask for a signed photo? I am 66 years old & now into your music.

    Alan Johnson
    1 Stephen Walk
    England SK1 4JE

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I will personally autograph any picture that you purchase from the store on this website. I have no plans to come to England to perform at this time.

  • sheryl lawson

    From early teenage years, I have loved Just a Dream. Still have all my 45’s of your songs. You were the greatest and still love to hear you sing!!! Would love to have an autograph and do you ever tour in Florida?

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I perform in Florida frequently but I have nothing scheduled at the moment. Check this website for my schedule.

  • Delia

    Last year i saw you on PBS and before you sang venus in blue jeans you dedicated it to your wife i thought that was so sweet.

  • Linda Libbey

    Jimmy when God puts you in his favor look what a blessed journey you are awarded. You have been blessed and are still sharing your wonderful talents with us! After a ll these years I am hoping to make it to one of your concerts . I have a question, after looking at the scheduled events they are all in coldddddddddd places for the dates (overseas is definitely out of the question). Do you not like the SOUTH and a warmer place to visit? I am in the Orlando, Florida area….and it would be so much easier if you came to the visit in the SOUTH.
    Continued Blessing and if the Lord is Willing I will be sitting in the audience for one of your concerts.
    Linda Libbey

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I’ve done several concerts in Florida in the past few years. Keep checking the schedule on this website for the latest information.

  • Cynde Disoteo

    My all time favorite song has always been ‘Venus in Blue Jeans’ and your voice is extraordinary. It has always made me smile and brings back great memories. Tonight I had on ‘Rock Pop and Do Wop’ on PBS and you came on, began to sing, and I melted! You still have the magic! I hope you are well and make it to Indianapolis soon. Take care, God Bless and keep crooning! ….Cynde

  • Bill Donovan

    I kept the 50s and 60s alive all through out the 1970s in the Bronx, NY. I played Venus and Dream every show I did in the clubs, bars, and schools. I just saw the show on PBS that T.J. put together.
    I am amazed that you still hit the high ones. Love the fact that you are still singing.
    Bill Donovan and his Record Machine.
    Thank you again for all the music.

  • Kevin stein

    Love your music all my life, hope you perform in North Dakota or close. I will keep checking dates take care. Kevin stein

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Thank you all for your kind words. I do read ALL your comments even though I don’t reply to all of you! Luv ya!!!

  • Tom Callahan

    I tried to copy your hairstyle and voice when I was just a teenager in 1959. Now we both have the same color hair but you still have that voice. You are still a great performer. Keep going strong.
    Tom Callahan

  • Ted Wallace

    I grew up in South Louisiana listening to your music. I had a flashback this morning and wanted to hear “Just a Dream”. Then found this.
    Just wanted to say, it was a wonderful time, thanks to you and others like you.


  • Melodie Clanton Terwilliger

    I love you dad!! Growing up in our household was such a privilege and joy that I have never taken for granted! I cherish every memory with you and will never forget the magical moment on stage with you at the Raceland show. When you asked me to choreograph and dance to “If I” with you singing on stage, I felt like I was dancing on the clouds! Thank you for being my girls “singing grandpa” and sharing your life so freely with your family and friends…you are truly loved and adored!

    • Jimmy Clanton

      It could very well be that you are going to get another chance to do your ballet on stage with me to “If I” one more time. Love, Dad

  • Judy Morris

    Hi Jimmy, I was just looking at your website and want to say hello. It was such an honor to meet you at Foxwoods. I have been a fan since I first heard you singing. You and Sandy are a great team for sure. I hope Alice and I will have a chance to see you again . Take care Jimmy and don’t over due as my Mother used to say. Love you both , Judy Morris

  • stephen eadie

    Jimmy, it was nice to meet you and your friends at memquisit. We were the friends with the two boys (our sons) at the table next to you during breakfast. Im the kindergarten teacher. I must admit that i had not heard your music since i was raised in a different era. However, having listened to some of your music, i realize that you have a wonderful melodic voice. God gave you a gift. I will listen to more and enjoy. God bless jimmy, and i hope we meet again some day. If you ever find yourself in waterloo ont, email me.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      Wow! What a surprise! Thank you for your kind words. “Friend” request me on Facebook if you are on there.

  • Tim James

    I saw your performance as part of the Legends of Doo Wop show in Upland, CA and you were outstanding! I was sitting next to one of the ladies you gave a handkerchief to, which became her highlight of the night (I didn’t know the lady). But your voice was strong unlike so many performers of the past trying to keep their careers alive. You were a highlight of a show that had many great moments. I wish you the very best, especially traveling all the way to Thailand to perform.

    Take care and God bless (and thanks for running a clean show!)

    Tim James, Upland CA

  • Lynn Verburg

    Looking through old records and found ”Just A Dream”. One of my absolute favorites from my youth. So glad you are still alive and well Jimmy.

    Love ya,
    Lynn Verburg

  • Mary Anne Giroux

    Just got home from the Upland, CA concert and it was just great meeting you, your daughter and GrandDaughter. Your music has always seemed so “pure” to me and it makes me long for a love that I never had. Thanks for allowing the DVD to be made. I haven’t watched it yet but DVD’s of favorite artists’ concerts are so invaluable when it’s not possible to see them in person frequently.

    Thank you for your lift of wonderful music. I am so happy that you have put “If I” on both the DVD and the extended CD.

    May God continue to bless you and your family. See you in Heaven,if not before.

    Mary Anne
    Lake Arrowhead, CA

  • Heidi

    i saw you on an oldies show and loved your performance. I am 55, my husband is 75, and I told him if I ever leave him it’ll be for you. I was, of course, just kidding. Your voice touched me. Can’t explain what it is. Keep up the performances. Maybe someday I’ll get to meet you

  • Pat Sawyer

    Hi Jimmy! Only 2 days before show time here in S. Ca. I can’t wait to see and hear you once again. Maybe I will bring my Jimmy Happy/ Blue again and you can signed the other side if you have time. You signed jimmy Happy 5/14/10. Yes Jimmy, you do make me happy and so many more that were lucky to grow up in our awesome generation. We lived through the best music ever and all your songs are on my I Pad and I Phone.
    Have a safe trip here as you prepare to give your devoted fans so much enjoyment.
    Glendora, Ca.

  • dennis galetti sr.

    met you at our high school on feb. 7th, spring valley, il. just 4 days after the terrible plane crash in iowa. but you showed up as a sub, and came to our school and gave a short concert for those that never had tickets for the night show. i never forgot that. ty jimmy.. your “FRIEND” denny galetti sr.

  • jimmy clanton

    I want you all to know I READ YOUR COMMENTS HERE…!!!…However, I CANNOT reply to each of you !!!…….. there are TOO MANY, GANG…!!!!…..Luv, luv, my fans…!!!!!….Jimmy……

  • Neil Fountaine

    As I get older I want to know about the “Singer and His Song”. I am a veteran and a avid karaoke backtrack singer. I belong to a veterans post and I would like to inform and cause to recall my audience about about Jimmy Clanton and his music.
    This is all with you consent of course. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you and thank you for your songs and music.

  • Ross Provenzano

    Hey old man I can’t believe you’re still alive and kicking! Way to go! Walking down memory lane this morn looking up some of the old acts I played with and found your website, not many of us still alive. I guess those little girls are all grown up now. Best wishes to you and your family! Keep on keeping on! “Here We Go!”


  • Hope Kelly

    Listen to the oldies all the time and you are one of my favorites. Brings back a lot of good memories.
    Thanks for that. I live in Jacksonville, fl. are you ever going to come here so that I can enjoy your music in person?

  • Jo Ann Rockford Plopper

    sorry it’s taken me so long to sign, I’m Italian, what can I say, I do things backwards… anyway, love this site…thanks for having me, looking forward to all the news you send me….

  • Jimmy Clanton

    I have been wanting to be able to respond to your comments and that ability just became possible here on my website. Thank you to Carolyn and Joe for making it possible to do this. Jimmy

  • Pat Sawyer

    Can’t wait to see you again. I saw you at Cerritos Performing Arts 5/14/10 and brought my Jimmy Happy album that I paid $7.98 for back when you were my teenage idol. Matter of fact you still are!
    I waived it in the balcony and you told me you would meet me to sign it after the show which you did. That was one of the most exciting nights for me. I still have your music only updated on my I phone.
    Thanks Jimmy for being so nice. I will see you July 18!

  • Pat Sawyer

    Can’t wait to see you again. I saw you at Cerritos Performing Arts 5/14/10 and brought my Jimmy Happy album that I paid $7.98 for back when you were my teenage idol. Matter of fact you still are!
    I waived it in the balcony and you told me you would meet me to sign it after the show which you did. That was one of the most exciting night for me. I still have your music only updated on my I phone.
    Thanks Jimmy for being do nice. I will see you July 18!

  • Judy (Green) Heine

    I remember fondly having dinner with you, Curtis Lee, Ray Peterson (whom I dated), & managers in NYC in (I think) 1961. We then drove to a club in Brooklyn where each of you guys did a few numbers on the stage. It was a fun evening.
    And do you remember receiving a letter that you thought was a draft notice, when you appeared at the Indiana Theater in Indianapolis with the Cavalcade of Stars (?) in the late ’50s? It was just a fan letter from me with a pic of me in the Miss Putt Putt contest. I had sent the letter in my dad’s envelope with the printed return address including his rank & some military abbreviations. You were so relieved it wasn’t a draft notice. You called me about midnight (waking up my whole family), & when I wouldn’t believe it was you, you put Bobby Rydell on the phone to assure me it was you.
    Just wanted let you know I still remember your folks’ home address in Baton Rouge – where you received several letters from me. Don’t know why I remembered that address.
    Loved all your songs, and danced to them many times. I went on to make personal appearances with the Demensions (“Over The Rainbow”, “My Foolish Heart”) at Palisades Park & Patterson NJ Armory among others (I was also secretary to the national director of publicity & promotion at Decca, Coral & Brunswick Records). Since NY was a union town, their original girl singer, Marisa, did the recordings, & since she was married & expecting, I did the personal appearances with the guys. Coral didn’t think a teenage singing group should have a girl singer who was expecting.
    I hope somehow you get to see this message, and maybe remember some of the instances I’ve written here. Would love to hear back from you, but don’t know if it would really be you, if I do get an answer. Take care………..

  • Chris Ladusau

    Listening to the oldies on Music Choice and whenever they play one of your songs I have to stop what I’m doing and just concentrate on that song. Your voice is so unique. It’s like Calgon taking me away to a more simpler time in my life. Thanks for the memories!!

  • Mary Ashley

    Hi there cousin.
    My mom, Miss Liz was your mom’s sister., My aunt Joyce.
    So happy to be able to listen again to your wonderful music.
    Remember those days in Galliano, LA and your first concert in New Orleans.

    Mary Ashley

  • Len Krakowski

    I just had a flashback to my teen years in the 50’s and had to look you up. I remember seeing you in a movie and boy did I try to style my hair like yours. I enjoyed your music very much. Keep on rockin’. You are truly an inspiration to us old time rockers.

  • Tony Cummings

    Here in the UK Jimmy never had the recognition he deserved, his Venus In Blue Jeans was far superior to the English version by Mark Wynter that made the Hit Parade here. Jimmy made some great recordings, my favourite has always been Another Sleepless Night, it has always mystified me why this wasn’t a huge smash.

    • jimmy clanton

      Thank you for the kind comment…unfortunately, Ace Records did not have good distribution overseas…don’t think the owner of the Company had any idea I would have such ”wide” success here in America, and he did not take necessary steps to make that change for the kind of distribution overseas as some of the other big record companies…Jimmy…

  • Brenda Grabina

    Would love to see a live NY show if possible. Thank God for You Tube. Can listen to you and “Venus in Blue Jeans” all day. Thank God for you.

  • Mickey Russell

    Born and raised in New Orleans. Montgomery, Alabama since 13 Dec 1981. Retired 31 March, 2015 from USAF Historical Eesearch Agency, Maxwell Air Force Base, after 30 years and 8 months as a DOD Civilian Historian and Arxhivist. 13th Air Force Historian at Clark Air Base, Philippines from Feb 1988 to June 1991 when Mt Pinatubo erupted forcing return to. I have been collecting records since 1953, and have some Jimmy Clanton .45’s with a picture sleeve. My wife of almost 41 years is the a Director of the Maxwell AFB Child Development Center, and our daughter is a CRNP at the Kirklin Clinic at UAB Medical Center in Birmingham.

    Sempervivum Fi.

  • Linda Cahalan

    Dear Jimmy, You were my absolute favorite singer in the 60’s. The best singer of all the teen idols of the time. I had your pictures all over my bedroom. I saved my allowance for a year to buy your double album Jimmy’s Happy/ Jimmy’s Blue.I met you once at Danceland Ballroom in Cedar Rapids Iowa, but I was so in awe of you that I couldn’t speak. I think I was 14 at the time.I just rewatched Go Johnny Go and recently purchased a CD of the double album and I am enjoying listening to it all over again. Just wanted to tell you all I couldn’t tell you back then.So good to see you doing so well after all this time.God Bless. Linda ( which of course is my favorite song you sang).

    • jimmy clanton

      Linda, this is soooooo sweeeeet of you…. check out the Raceland Show dvd, here on my store… you will hear all the JC songs you would love of me…friend request me on facebook, where I interact with all my fans…!!!…luv, Jimmy…..

  • rhonda k. johnson

    I just love your music sure wish you could sing at treasure island resort and casino in red wing, mn

  • Barrie Boas

    Jimmy: Good to see you are still doing what you love. Would like to get together sometime to talk about the old days in Lancaster. Still living near there. Will catch one of your shows when you get nearby. Good luck to you and the family. Barrie Boas

  • Mary L. Byrd

    I Love Your Music. Your Music Bring Back So Many Good Memories Of Times Past Which Can Only Be Relived As We Close Our Eyes And Listen To Your Wonderful Songs. Thank You Very Much.

  • Jim Burr

    Hello Jimmy…big fan and so glad to see that you are still rocking and rolling! I am almost 70 and still playing drums and singing in a band with friends. Take care and rock on!
    Jim Burr

  • Gary Nelson

    I fondly remember hearing you and your brother harmonizing on your grandmother’s front porch in Coffeeville. The two of you were great performers and pretty darn good baseball players. The first time I heard the opening lines of “Just a Dream”, I knew it was your voice even before it was announced. Congratulations on a great career.

    • Jimmy Clanton

      I have included playing baseball in Coffeeville during my summers there in my forthcoming autobiography.

  • christine jacob

    How I loved you back then. Glad you’re still here and doing well. I also live in Pa.
    Stay well.

  • Clint miller

    Love you Jimmy.Love your music. Most of all your love for Jesus.Thank you for all you do , and all you stand for.Your friend Pastor Clint Miller

  • Pat Jones

    I so enjoy your music. I now live in the Daytona Beach area and hope you can come to Florida some time soon…

  • Charles Golloway

    Good to hear you’re still out there singing the great songs. Saw you a while back on RFD-TV on a 50’s/60’s Reunion type show. I’m originally from Oklahoma but retired to Arizona a year or so ago and live near Laughlin, NV. They still appreciate the oldies out here. Wish you could make it to Laughlin some time. Riverside Casino probably books most of the “mature” singers. Again, good to see you’re still out there!


    Hi Jimmy,
    I think you are one of the finest singers of the last 50 years. What a performer and all around great gentleman. Keep singing and we will keep listening. My wife Joann is crazy about you and thinks you have the most beautiful hair. Thanks for the music!


  • Mary E Johnson

    Was just enjoying the old songs on you tube so I decided to look at the website I always loved Jimmy’s voice.

  • Tommy Daw

    Looking forward to seeing you in Denver on October 17th at the Doo Wop concert. My wife is going to by our tickets this Friday since October 17th is also my birthday. (10/17/58).

    SFC Tommy Daw, US Army, Retired.

  • Billy Mizell

    Jimmy I am so proud of you and appreciate and have enjoyed all your great music over the past 50+ years. We were class mates at Baton Rouge High. I joined the Navy and you became a great singer. My ship the USS General Randall enjoyed Brooklyn, NY as our home port. We transported troops to their duty stations all over the world. We took Elvis to Bremerhaven, Germany in 1958. I had the opportunity to meet him. He was a great person at that time. I was fortunate to be in New York while you were part of a show either by Alan reed or Dick Clark. I learned you were performing and attended the show. You sang JUST A DREAM. I was so very proud of you and my date fell madly in love with you. God Bless you Jimmy. Regards, Billy Mizell

  • Michael D. Kilgore

    I have all your music on my IPad and listen to it all the time. my favorite song is “Venus In Blue Jeans”.
    I’ve read your comments about your faith and dedication of your life to our Lord and Savior. keep
    On singing and giving your testimony .
    Your music keeps me going, When Things get tough I just sit down and turn on the music. “keep on going Jimmy,
    Go Jimmy go.

    God Bless

    Mike Kilgore
    Vietnam Veteran

  • Danny DePaul

    Was at your show last night in Easton Pa. talked after the show about dancing with all the girl’s when they played Just A Dream. Go Jimmy Go. Danny


    Hi JIMMY ,
    I feel as though i have known you all my life. You and I are about the same age. I had many dates listening to your
    songs. I love to hear “JUST A DREAM”, “A LETTER TO AN ANGEL” and ” GO JIMMY GO” . I still watch you on You Tube with the old classic rock stars. Many thanks to you and the other stars for all the many years of entertainment.

  • Jeff Alello

    jimmy I from your home town of Baton Rouge. First cousin to Randy Russell Civello. We lost a good man when he passed away a couple ofonths ago. I am also good friend with Cy Tortorich who played the sax in your band years ago. Are you playing anywhere around Louisiana? Good luck Jeff

  • Wayne Adcock

    Saw the concert in Hauppauge and got to speak briefly at the airport and we were on the same flight to Baltimore! My wife and I love Jimmy Clanton!!

  • Kay Feeser

    I have been listening to you from the beginning of your career. You still sound just as good, hope you keep performing for a long time.


    Hello, I can’t get to web site with Mr.JimmyClanton to purchase CD “Everybody Needs Love”
    and give to WNRI 1380 Jack Rivers .Could You kindly give me please a Post Office address ,so
    I could reach You ? Thank You : Teresa Schatz

  • June Travers Gagnon

    Vividly remember all the times that I have had the opportunity to see you 50+ years ago….so IMAGINE….how I will remember
    the show in New Bedford Mass…..where I got a kiss and a hug…….sigh…………………Luv ya…….Oh yea !!!

  • Shelby Meade

    You gotta love the internet !! They allow us old timers to go back to our teenage years and hear the greatest songs ever recorded. And then we get to find details about our favorite artists by linking to their web site.
    Jimmy Clanton, what a great voice and what great songs! Just a Dream is in my top ten of all songs. Thanks for the memories that this song brings when I hear you singing!

  • Tom and Carol Taylor

    We were at your show in New Bedford, MA at The Zeiterion Theater on March 28, 2015. What a great performance you put on! You are the consummate showman and professional! You’ve still got it JC!!!!!

  • Carolyn Otworth FOR Richard Phillips

    “I enjoyed your show in New Bedford Mass last Saturday night. You really have a great stage presence and you still sound like teen idol of your teenage years. Thanks for a great and entertaining show!

    Rockin’ Richard
    WNHU-FM Radio”

  • Irene

    Hi Jimmy ! Finally got to see you at the great Doo Wop Concert in Denver a few years ago. Afterward, you came out to the theater lobby and I was fortunate to meet you and you put your arm around me so my wonderful neighbor could take a picture of us together. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to retrieve it the next day, but thanks to you I will always have this special memory. My 50-year high school reunion is this summer and I’ve been a fan of yours since I first heard “Just A Dream” when I was still in grade school. God Bless and, yes, keep on singing, as Gerard says above.

  • Audrey Waltman

    Hi–Jimmy been a long time since you were a D J at WHEX radio station in Columbia, Pa. I used to call all most everyday. Had you play a song for my hubby ( Ralph ) and our youngest daughter ( Maryann ) from Audrey. Won a lot of Roses from you and you question of the day contest. .Brought you cookies to the station.. Also came to see you when the station was In Park City Mall. Good times. Won’t forget them

  • gerard sassin

    Hey jimmy, sure wish you would come to michigan. Ive been a fan since I was 10. Have all your favs on one cd. I will be 59 on march19 and show no signs of never stopping to listening to youe tunes. My fav venus in blue jeans I play at least twice a week. Love singing it. one of my all time great songs to sing. Wrll heres hopeing you come to mich.if not I still will be listening to all your great tunes. God bless and keep on singing.

  • Nancy Beatriz

    Oh my gosh totally lost track I saw you late 50 ties at The Surf at Nantasket beach in MA. JUST A DREAM was my favorite thank you PBS in Las Vegas that I was watching the show tonight. You are still the greatest!!

  • Margaret Roberts D'Armond

    Hi Jimmy–Heard you sing on PBS station in Baton Rouge tonight sure brought back memories. Remember I lived on Goodwood Ave. and you on Alden Ct. a few doors down from Dianna. Hope you are doing good and so glad to see that you are still singing and touring. Take Care–Margaret

  • Fran

    Hi Jimmy, loved your concert in Ft.Pierce! Please come back to Florida often. Hope you in Ft. Pierce often! Fran

  • Tanya Champagne

    Jimmy Clanton, I just love your music! Thank you for bringing the good times back!! I would love for you to sing for us here in the Sarasota Florida area!

    Take care and keep singing to us with that beautiful voice!!

    Tanya Champagne

  • Roger Christensen

    Dear Jimmy,

    Been a fan since I was a kid – I’m now 65-years old. God Bless You as you entertain all of us and
    as you SERVE THE LORD.

    Your Fan and Friend,
    Roger Christensen
    San Diego

  • Denis Hickey

    Jimmy, I heard you for the first time on a transistor radio from one of the many stores on 42nd St. New York 1959. I was 12 & I used the money from a college prep course. I just could not stop signing your songs. God gave you a gift and your still sharing it with us. Oh what a night that must have been for you when you shared the stage with Jackie Wilson, Deon Dimucci and his belmonts as well as the Skyliners.!.I used to think that a bottle of brandy & a song were the only ones who ever cared. Now I know that Jesus saves. No human power could help me and now I’ve been sober 28 years. Now I pray for my son. He has inherited my love for music as well as my love for other things. Somehow I think you hear me, brother. I now live in a beautiful upscale retirement community in Laguna Woods, California. We have a beautiful theatre you would love and we would love you.

  • Jimmy Clanton

    Thank you for all your kind comments. If it were not for you all, I would not have a career. Thank you for being fans and for also signing my Guestbook. I do read all your comments.

  • Ken Bicksler

    never had the opportunity to see you in person, but have seen you PBS and other shows and you are awesome. I am a 70 year old Vet and still love your music as I did back in the day as a teenager.
    Best wishes for forever……ken

  • Donna Bonazzo

    Hi Jimmy, I saw you in person a cruise ship. You were so wonderful. I have been a fan ever since.
    I pray that you stay well. Love, Donna

  • Ally wuenstel

    Hi Jimmy. We were at your wonderful show on Valentine’s day 2015 in ft Pierce, fl. Last time I saw you was with my boyfriend in hialeah, fl around 1963. We have been married for 46 years. As you came down the stairs from the stage singing TOM reached for your hand and gave it to me, I kissed you! My teenage dream came true. My hubby and family were very happy for me. I was a teenager again. I’m the one who followed you to the front and showed you my scrap book with your childhood pictures. Loved the whole night. God bless you! Alice wuenstel

  • Roger Glover (River City Music Man)

    I saw you you come through the Airport in Jacksonville,fl as I was Playing on the stage you left your card with me enjoyed your music on your web site .
    Roger Glover

  • John Gallagher

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful performance on Valentine’s Day in Fort Pierce, FL. and we both look forward to your return. Wishing you good health, good times and good cheer!
    John and Ilene

  • Fran

    Thank you for the great show in Ft.Pierce! I have always been a great fan. I met you for the first time and you were so charming! You need to come back to Ft. Pierce often! Thanks Jimmy for all the great music! Fran

  • Annie Parks

    I just have to commend you on a lifetime if singing the songs that make us happy. I hope you enjoy all of us who listen to your carefree endearing songs and your sweet voice. Call it nostalgia, but your music was the happiness behind our yourhful innocence. When we encounter “Venus in Blue Jeans” or “Just a Dream” on the car radio or a Trader Joe’s, it is you who make us smile inside. That’s all of us Baby Boomers secret. That your music connects is with a time and place long gone to us, but still as real as if it was yesterday. “Go, Jimmy, Go.” Continue your traveling the country. You have a lot of past for us to each remember.

  • Sharon Krum

    My husband and I went to the Bloomsburg Fair to see you. You were awesome.Your voice will be remembered and most of all,your smile. I love when you interact with the audience,they too,loved you for doing that. You are a true entertainer and we will always remember that night hearing your song of the past. They all mean a lot to the both of us. We will always be a fan of your’s.

  • Marion Kindle

    I have been a fan ever since I heard your first song in the 50’s I hope to see you sing one day in person I live Next door to Disney. Love Marion

  • Carolyn Otworth FOR Jerry Blavat

    “Jimmy my pal thank you for being part of one of the best nights we’ve ever had and thank you for the class and style you brought to the evening – You are a legend, keep on rocking Love & kisses, your pal the Geator”

  • Joni Sachs

    Wow !! A Blast From The Past !! Jimmy, You Were Awesome at the Kimmel Center on Saturday Night !! Love All Your Music….Love You Too !! Thanks For The Photo !! Hope To See You Again, Real Soon !!

  • Frank Gonzalez

    I have been a fan of yours since you started. Love your music. Jimmy maybe someday I will have the honor of seeing you in person and meeting you. Keep on singing. You are a true legend.

  • cliff clanton

    Went to a re-union show a few years back and for some reason you had to cancel. Really wanted to meet you. I know we are related somehow. Grew up with your music and still enjoy it very much. I play guitar and sing just for family and friends but I did tour with two other guys while in Viet Nam for a couple months and loved it. Keep up the fine work!
    Cliff Clanton

  • Fran

    I can’t believe I will be seeing you at the Ft.Pierce concert!!! I have waited so long to see you in concert. I just hope I can hold back the tears!! Thank you for all your great music. Fran

  • Ihla Burgess

    Another cold and cloudy day in Texas. The bright side is that I am watching the Raceland video for the third time. Looking forward to the day I’ll see you again in person. Loved the performance and love your music. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • debbie mcferran

    It was a great pleasure to meet you and Sandy!!! Thank you for the autograph, my mother was thrilled! Come see us again in Hinckley, MN.

  • David Burnham

    Just bought 2 cds of your best songs plus the new one with the blue cover spoke to sandy several times to get your web site so could order the 2 I wanted thank for changing your web site for us to do this will see you in ft piece trying to see the seating plan on line to see whats best to see you. your the reason I am going your music brings back old days when I played 45’s on my christmas present when I was 7 years old.lost all my 45’s in a fire years ago so trying to get as much as I can back. only like originals and you do that. Thanks again your friend David listen to you on pandora radio for now

  • opal owens

    Jimmy, I want to thank you for all the wonderful music you have given to us. I never get tired of listening to you.
    May the Lord keep blessing you. You are blessed and highly favored of the Lord.

  • Jimmy Clanton

    I am not retiring!!! I will continue to perform as God leads and directs my life; as long as HE keeps me in good health and continues
    to allow me to have a voice that is better than it’s ever been in my life!

  • David Burnham

    you have been an inspiration to many of us that love sweet loving love songs. you have been apart of our lives for so many years. I was very sad to hear you were giving up your tours, but I know how I felt when I became retirement age you have gift that a lot of us would have died for to have to be gifted with your talent. And what you have done for us though the years of our youth you are truely a gift from God. we will always love you and your music God bless you and may you live a longer life and have your voice never change. you almost make me cry knowing we are going to loose you. May peace be with you always.proud to be your friend you have done so much for my life and my feelings I am proud I grew up with you in it.From the bottom of my heart Thank you

  • lisa pinotti

    i ushered at your show in Hinckley just so i could see you ! you really are wonderful !! and as i said too cute !!

  • Lynn Rodda

    It has been a blessing in my life to meet my favorite teenage singer. Most of all is the total blessing of becoming your friend now and knowing how far God has brought you. You are a humble, loving man who is touching many lives for our Lord. Loved you as a teen and love you now. You are in my deepest prayers daily. Praying for health and traveling mercies as you entertain your fans and tell them how awesome Jesus is. GOD BLESS YOU. LOVE ALWAYS, YOUR SISTER IN CHRIST LYNN.

  • Rob Bell

    Hi Jimmy
    Just a thank you for your contribution to the great rock n roll music scene, over the years. Here in Australia we missed out on a whole bunch of overseas stars, but was always nice to hear their records. Jimmy Clanton always kind of stood out as one of the nice guys, with a damn good haircut.
    I do a rock n roll programme here in Australia on Triple U FM 104.5, and I would love to have some promos from you if that’s possible, sent via MP3 if that’s ok.
    I am Rob Bell and the programme is Rokkitt Radio on Mondays from 5 oclock on Triple U FM, also if you would me like to plug any of your CD’s I am happy to oblige “on air”.
    Anyway, take care, and have a merry Christmas for 2014.
    Rob Bell

  • Bob Marlett

    Thanks for the great tunes and memories of those times when we would cruise around listening to the radio. I am glad you are still performing and hope you come to the Thrasher/Horne Performance Center in Orange Park, Florida in 2015. Would that be cool or what.

  • Martin Hawkins

    Hi to one of the first swamp poppers. I’ve just been looking at newspaper ads from Baton Rouge back when you were playing with Dick Holler at the Carousel Club. I’m writing a book about Slim Harpo, and I wonder whether you’d have a few memories of Baton Rouge clubs and the local blues scene you could email me about direct ?

  • Rhonda Ledet

    I loved your music when I was a teenager and still do. I have about a few of your original 45 records. I saw your Raceland concert and it was great like I knew it would be. Keep on singing and consider coming back to south Louisiana. Love ya…

  • Karen Behnke

    i was in high school when “Just a Dream” came out. I still have the “45” record! Love your DVD from Racetrack–It’s almost like seeing you in person. Keep on singing, Jimmy–maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to see you in person.

  • Guardsman Tony England

    Greetings young Jimmy, keep up the great work, and before the great man calls you try and come and do a tour of England with Troy Shondell, take care buddy.

  • Gloria Bello Thibodaux

    Just heard “Just A Dream” on satellite radio. Brought back good ole memories of the Lighthouse on False River. I will alwaysl love that music. Hope all is well for you!! Come to Baton Rouge soon!
    Gloria Bello (Your friend in 1958-1959)

  • Bobby Dillard

    Hi Jimmy,

    Just found you again and your great music. And, I just watched you sing Venus In Blue Jeans on you tube. That was one of my favorite songs. You were one of the best and it brings back so many memories when I was growing up in Georgia.

    You can catch me on you tube under my name with two oldie songs I’m sure you remember…My Special Angel remake, and remake of He’s Got You.

    Best to you, Jimmy!!


  • Alice Basler

    I have listened to Raceland and I loved it. I felt like I was back in my teenage years. More than that Jimmy it wasn’t like going to a concert where you only sing a few songs. This was like being invited to your home for and informal meet and greet so everyone got to know each other and became friends. I wish I could have gone. You Tammy Lynn and Terri sang from your hearts and your grandaughter was just wonderful and a breath of spring. I play it all the time, sometimes I am not watching it but just listening to it wishing that I was there. It puts me back in time and sometimes that is a good thing I could go on and on about Raceland but it is the best of the best and I loved it. God Bless you Jimmy and I hope for many more performances just like this one Alice Basler

  • Marilyn Baker

    i was not able to attend The Raceland show. But… I bought 2 Raceland DVD s !! I bought 2 in case I wore the first one out. Well, I’ve watched it so many times I’ve lost count !! Jimmy is the best ever ! There are no words to describe this show! AWESOME doesn’t even begin to describe it !! This DVD is a MUST HAVE for All Jimmy Clanton fans !!

  • Judye Dollarhide

    The Raceland DVD is the next best thing to being there. We can relive that Magical Night over and over, while wishing it had never ended. Took me 50+ years to get there, the “Wait” was beyond my expectation, YOU, Sir, DID NOT DISAPPOINT! In one EXTRAORDINARY NIGHT you made ALL my dreams come true!!! The DVD is the GREATEST reminder we could have asked for…..Thank you, JC, for the MEMORIES, in a DVD!!!! We love you!!!!

  • Gayle Chenier

    The show in Raceland was just a dream come true. I loved every minute of it. Now with the wonderful DVD I can relive it over and over again. The DVD is just wonderful.

  • Richard and Sammye Stacy

    Rec’d the RACELAND DVD and it is terrific. NOT as good as in person, of course, but since we were there I am qualified to say, “Jimmy, you are a fantastic performer. Sammye is already preparing to find another of your concerts to attend.

  • Sarah Hamiter

    Hi Jimmy,
    You were always my favorite entertainer and I got to meet you and get your autograph in Galveston, Texas in about May of 1961. You had come to appear at Pleasure Pier I believe. Anyway my friends and I met you following the Splash Day parade. Still have the autograph. Thanks for all the happy memories and the beautiful music.

  • Bob Peer

    Just got my tickets for your January 2 show in Minnesota. I hope the weather is better than the last time you were here. I’ll have to buy an Ol Rock and Roller shirt and hope you sign it.

  • Kristen Esbensen

    Dear Jimmy,

    Loved your music as a teenager, remember “Just A Dream”, it’s in my soul. Thank you! And I’m so glad you are still performing. You look and sound terrific!

  • Donna Clouser

    I never thought I’d meet you until I went to the Ultimate Doo Wop show in Sarasota on 10/24/14. Thank you for making me feel like a teenager again. When you sang Venus in Blue Jeans & asked me to stand I was so excited. You are so talented and gave a wonderful performance. Thank you again.

  • lee wilson

    I saw you in Denver 2 years ago. Thank you for a great performance. Venus in Blue Jeans is my favorite song of yours. Hope you are married to your “venus”. / Lee.

  • Donna Bonazzo

    Just bought your CD. I cannot buy your DVD because I do not have a DVD player. I love all your songs. You are truly blessed with so much talent.

  • Donna Boucher

    Hi, Jimmy, I’ve loved u and your music since the ‘American Bandstand’ days! What a wonderful, glorious time! Best ever!!

  • Ricky charles Cuda

    Truly enjoyed your show at Bloomsburg Fair…..Just a dream was one of my favorites during my teens…Keep up the good shows!!!!!!

  • Ginny

    Jimmy………..I have loved you since I was a teenager! I hoped to one day see one of your shows……but due to health and other circumstances…….it has remained to be……….just a dream……….I listen to your songs often…….I have so many fond memories……You have been a blessing to all your fans! Your long time fan….thank you for the music<3

  • Alice Basler

    I was a lonely teenager in a strange city, going to college when Just a Dream came on the radio. I would race home from college to turn the radio, on, changing the stations until I could hear it play. Little did I know that someday I would meet you in person. From that winter day, at Memorial Hall in Plymouth I have called you friend for the genuine person that you are. Many times I have read your nuggets and they have grabbed me in the heart. I have cried many tears because sometimes they just seem to be telling me something that I needed to hear at the time. God Bless you Jimmy and keep on singing your wonderful songs for us

  • Dickie Rembert

    Jimmy the last time we saw you was at the IP in Biloxi.
    We really enjoyed the show. we are looking forward to seeing you the next time you come to the IP.
    By the way we grew up on the North side of the tracks.
    Hail Istrouma! 1959 & 1957
    Baton Rouge, LA.
    Dickie & Linda

  • Rhonda Frantz

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful performance at the Bloomsburg Fair on Saturday evening. My mother has been a fan of yours since you started performing so you can imagine how thrilled she was to finally see you perform in person. The highlight of her night was getting your autograph and picture taken with you. Thank you so much for being so gracious and welcoming to your fans. Marian and Rhonda

  • Jack Miller

    Thanks for all your great music down through the years. “Just A Dream” was just the first of your records that have been just plain fabulous. Looking forward to lots more “golden” sounds from you. Hope to see you in person sometime.

    All the best,
    Jack Miller – Baltimore, Md.

  • pauline fields

    Listening to you on the Solid Gold Oldies makes me feel young again. I have seizures so don’t go to concerts. DVD’s will have to do. Keep up the good work & God Bless.

  • Marilyn Baker

    Jimmy, I can relate to Candy Freeman ‘s story…. I was 11 and went to a Dick Clark Caravan of Stars show in Kansas City. Someone sat me on stage and you came over and sang Just A Dream to me. I’ll never forget looking in your eyes and you had a little tear.That was a great night I will never forget, I loved you then and I love you now. I hope you keep on singing for a long time, your voice has got even better thru the years.Oh,and that was 55 years ago.

  • Edward Held

    Enjoyed your site, glad to reconnect after all lost after Katrina! You have helped make life wonderful again. Keep singing, we all,love your talents and fan comments ! sho buz

  • Marlene Sischile

    Jimmy I just want to thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given me through out the past years with all the great songs you have recorded. You were blessed with an outstanding voice that brought us all those wonderful songs that we will remember for the rest of our lives, as I have said many times, my favorite song has and will always be “Just A Dream”. I can’t tell you enough times how I love that song. Well Jimmy may god bless you and keep you safe and healthy so you can continue to sing for us. Love you lots.

  • Judy Green

    What a miracle this was! I found out today that my albums of the 50’s 60’s were “gone” (to simplify the story) and I cried
    way too much. Through a little research I found your Facebook ministry site, and this website. I have purchased a ticket
    for your show on October 24 in Sarasota, and hope to meet you then. I am in Georgia, but will somehow find a way to
    get to Sarasota, Fl.
    Thanks for the miracle you sent to me today; without even knowing you had. -Turned a “hopeless feeling day” into one
    with a shining light. Thank you – Judy

  • candy freeman

    When I was 9 years old, I went to a dance at the Lions Club in Shreveport with my sisters. We went to see you and The Champs. I was right in front of the stage and you had me come up on stage and you had someone get a stool for me and you sang “Just a Dream” to me. I still haven’t forgotten that night. It was so cool. That was 55 years ago!!!

  • midge schmidt

    hi jimmy, a long time fan, from way back when I was 15 , an now im 71, an still love to hear your songs. xo, god bless, cant wait for your dvd.

  • midge schmidt

    hi jimmy, ive been a fan way back , love your singing, then she do , am 71, now my children, even no your songs, cant wait to get your DVD, JUST PLEASE LET ME NO HOW TO GET IT, LOVE YOU, , , YOUR LONG TIME FAN. GOD BLESS. MIDGE

  • Diane Marie

    Love the new website! Love that it has a menu. Wishing you the best of luck alway, Jimmy. You have brought so much comfort and joy to so many. May you and your family continue to be blessed by the Lord. Keep smiling always!

  • Marie

    I still play my 45’s and continue to enjoy hearing you. When I hear your songs they bring back great memories of the past. Thank you for all these years of enjoyment.
    God bless you as He has blessed us with hearing your incrediable voice.

  • Terry Pines Nelson

    Woops that is a nostalgia attack although if I could somehow attach that would be OK too. LOL
    God Bless. Terry

  • Terry Pines Nelson

    You knew me as Terry Pines with a group called the Pixies Last time I saw you was in Hershey PA before I moved to CA. Lived there 30 years. Are you still in Lancaster, PA? My family lives in PA and I have spent the last 6 years in GA. Hope you and Roxie are doing well and enjoying life. I watched a PBS fundraiser using the music of the 50’s and early 60’s. Am having a nostalgia attach. Wish you well. Terry

  • Sally Williams

    I miss seeing you at CLUMC. We’re having a fun 60’s party/family night on Oct. 3. in Wesley Center to help celebrate out 50th anniversary. Would love for you to come enjoy it with us.
    Sally Williams

  • Susan Politano

    Well,’s not going to be JUST A DREAM, when i get to see ya in concert in Sarasota Florida. Cannot wait!

  • Rhonda Ledet

    Love you music since the early sixties. Saw you in Raceland, LA and just listened to “a taste of” your new CD. Loved Raceland and love the CD. Keep on singing, you are the greatest.

  • Frank Slusser

    We live in a great land. Jimmy Clanton is a National treasure as an ARTIST and a TRUE AMERICAN!
    Continue to ROCK our world!


    Jimmy this was the first song/record I ever danced too summer of 1958 me 13 Linda 12 still see each other

  • Reta Muasau

    I sure do enjoy your music on Sirius XM radio. I learned the lyrics to “Go Jimmy Go” when I just a toddler (my teenage sister played your records over and over as she babysat me). Would love to see your performance if you visit Colorado. Thanks for the music and memories.


    SO PROUD TO CALL YOU MY FRIEND JIMMY!!!!!! I can’t wait for you to hear “I GAVE YOU MY HEART!” Your writing talent is awesome!!! What a beautiful song you wrote for me………..I am truly honored!!!!!! In my book you most definitely ROCK!!!!!!

  • Marilyn Baker

    Ok,I will try this again…. I love your website ! Thank you Carolyn for all the hours you’ve spent on this! And Jimmy, I now have purchased everything from your website except photos. Been a Jimmy Clanton fan since 1959, actually probably 1958 but ’59 is when I saw you. I am so happy that you are still singing . Luv ya

  • jimmy clanton

    Read all your comments, gang…I am extremely humbled and so appreciate you ALL…!!!..

  • louella dardar

    Thank you so much for such an awesome show in raceland. We love you Jimmy and hope to see again soon. Hi to Sandy for me.

  • Kathleen Forsberg

    Many blessings to you Jimmy. Thank you for all you share and much continued success. Love that you have this page also!!!

  • Heather Guy (Granny Guy - fb)

    Great web site, Jimmy !! Love the music. One of these days I might even hear it in person. Meanwhile, it will be on here and on fb. Talk to you soon over on fb… Love you….GG !

  • rhona gritz gorman

    I saw jimmy in person in Hauppauge , long island n.y this april he”s wonderful , sings just as great as ever!! <3

  • Patti Stiegman

    I have loved your music for all of these years. I was thrilled when “Go Johnnie Go” came out and it was great. I watched it just recently. You can come to Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. I would love that. My favorite is probably “Just a Dream”, but I love them all.

  • Frankie A. Gonzales

    I’ve been a fan of yours since the mid 50’s, I even copied your hair style, one part on each side of head and comb hair to the middle with duck tails in the back….am I correct? Anyway God Bless you, my friend. (We’re friends on FaceBook!

  • Chuck Fisher

    It would have been about 1958, and I sat right beside you in a class at LSU. You told me your band was playing across the river, and to bring a date and that you would sing a song for us. You sang “Just A Dream” for us, and we were very impressed. Little did I know that you would become so famous!

  • Ethel Sissi Jones

    always loved your music. first saw you back in the early 60s !! ouch!haha! and still seeing you when I can. love the new website! you are a true gentlemen and great with you fans!!

  • Carl Couch

    I love your music! Especially Venus in Blue Jeans. I think it’s one of the best produced records of the 60’s. The melody and the vocal are exemplary. The modulation makes it the perfect song. The trumpets are fantastic! You can hear everything on that song. Feel free to write me, I would love to discuss your music with you. Sincerely, Carl Couch

  • Lois Lipton Parker

    Jimmy’s greatest talent is on the inside. He is one of the warmest, kindness, caring people I have ever met and I am so happy I have seen this side of him so many times. You can not help but love Jimmy. He has brought so much happiness to all of our lives. Growing up in the 50s and 60s all we had was our music and Jimmy sure kept belting out the best music I ever heard. I still cry every time I hear “A Part of Me” and no one does it like Jimmy. Thank you for being a part of all of our lives. We love you Jimmy.


    I have been a fan of yours for many years!!!! It seems like a dream that we can talk with you!!
    Your best fan, Judy

  • Martha Ryser Martin

    What was “Just a Dream” became a reality. You have followed your dream and with your God given talent, you have shinned. God bless you Jimmy

  • betty1225

    Evening Mr Clanton,
    I have been a fan since the good old 50& 60’s … I have listened to your music all of my 67 years an still do to this day.
    Your fan in Maryland
    God bless

  • Rev. Charles A. Hudson

    Thank you very much for the inspirational songs about Jesus you sang today at White Dove Fellowship. It’s great to see some of the 50’s and 60’s great singers get saved and singing for the Lord. I’ve also talked to Dion Dimucci, once. I’m the one that took all the pictures. The one that’s “temporarily” on oxygen> I was healed from terminal cancer and I’ll be healed from this, too. I hope you come back and sing. again. Thank you again and God Bless you!!

  • Ollie Zaragoza

    Jimmy I am honored to know such a beautiful person as you, with a heart full of love for the Lord and for your fans, thanks for the wonderful music I have heard from my youth and into my senior years. I love it and can sing along with it too. Your work has been oh so awesome just like you are. I love you, God bless you and stay sweet my beautiful friend.

  • Brigitte Conley

    Hello Jimmy Love this site and the song that you are singing sounds like a life recording — nothing like it !! I love all the 50″s and early 60″s They where part of me and my life and I miss the Singers and the music when it was new !!

  • Joy Wurl

    I have the same birthday as u June 20 so a belated Happy Birthday. Loved all ur songs especially Just a Dream. I missed a show years ago because of a snow storm up on Long Island NY. Would love a chance to see u, maybe someday soon.

  • Virginia Pereira

    Hello Jimmy,

    Greetings from Hong Kong! Your music is great and I think your website is excellent!
    Best to you always!

  • Conjecta "Teny" M. Collins

    I enjoyed the Raceland show. I am glad I went. I have been a fan since I was a teenager.
    My friend and I stayed until we could get a signature from you. I really hope to get a DVD
    for us both when they are out.
    Thank you Jimmy and I hope you keep on doing what you like.
    Love U

  • Carol Parker

    I have loved your music for many years. Fabulous voice. Used to live in Lancaster County, beautiful area, still go back.

  • Brenda Brasseaux

    Jimmy I love your new website. Glad you have pictures from your different shows. Enjoyed the show on May 31st. A night to remember. Enjoyed seeing you at breakfast and singing to your fans. Looking forward to DID to relive the wonderful memories! Love you!!!

  • karen

    you are a beautiful person with such a big heart .love you and your singing ,you the man .glad u my friend and enjoy the hot sauce lol .good stuff .

  • Diane Marie

    Awesome website! Can’t wait for the video of the Raceland show to come out. Keep on rockin’ & rollin’, Jimmy!


  • Jean Cheramie

    THANKS Jimmy for the best concert I have ever heard on May 31 sat night in Roseland at your bayou show we loved you show and your great voice pray you can come again on the bayou for one more show Jimmy Can’t wait to order the great DVD you are making I know it will be great can’t wait to hear my interview I did for you I mint every word I said God Bless you my friend

  • rhona gorman

    hi jimmy, I saw you in Hauppauge, long island, n.y. april 12th & enjoyed the show! I follow you on facebook too, I love watching you sing. I want to see more of the videos with your grandchildren & beautiful daughter, bless you, Love Rhona Gorman, GoD gave you such a great gift! xooxoxox

  • Judy Morris

    My sister and I will be going to Foxwoods to see you and we are so excited. I can’t wait to meet you and Sandy. See you in August.

  • judy Bute

    Looking forward to seeing you again in August. You are a wonder of our world. Someone who is just what he presents to us. Kind, caring and an amazing talent.

  • kenneth boyne

    my first concert of yours and was a blast and not far from where i live, wish my phone had taken a better picture, thanks for signing my picture and record, i’d do it again, kenneth